17/05/2015   Murcia (ESP) - XI European Race Walking Cup

Sunny day that which is presented for the XI edition of the European Race Walking Cip on circuit of 1 km that in 2008 hosted the final of the IAAF Race Walking Challenge.


50 km men


Starting promptly at 8:00 and immediately the two Russians Ivan Noskov and Mikhail Ryzhov  unexpectedly followed by the Italian Marco De Luca who usually races in recovery.

Towards the 4th km (18:07) the Polish Grzegorz Sudol (18:47) from the pack (18:57) and try to catch the leaders  while shortly after De Luca comes off is a few meters.

Split time at 5 km: two Russian in 22:35, De Luca in 22:39. The others follow.


At 10 km:

Noskov and Ryzhov lead the race in 44:46 Ryzhov.

In third place in 45:01 De Luca charged, however, by a red card for no contact.

Fouth Sudol in 46.17.

The other Italians: Federico Tontodonati is 9th in 46:42, Teodorico Caporaso is 16th in 47:21, Lorenzo Dessi is 22nd in 48:25.


At 20 km:

Still leading the Russian couple in 1:29:00

Always in third place Marco De Luca in 1:29:50

Sudol always fourth in 1:31:32.

The Belarusian Trotsky was DQed.

The other Italians: Federico Tontodonati is 12th in 1:32:28, Teodorico Caporaso is 15th in 1:34: 06, Lorenzo Dessi is 21st in 1:36:38.


At 30 km:

Still leading the Russian couple in 2:13:14

Always in third place Marco De Luca in 2.15:47

For fourth place the Ukrainian Ivan Banzeruk (2.16: 54) has passed Sudol (2:17:14)

Are DQes the race walk Spanish, monument Jesus Angel Garcia Bragado, the other Spaniash Marc Tur and the Hungarian Lukas Gdula.

The other Italians: Federico Tontodonati is 12th in 2:18:33, Teodorico Caporaso is 13th in 2.20:33, Lorenzo Dessi is 20th in 2:25:18

The race for the top positions seems to have already said everything, except a few surprises.


At 40 km:

Ivan Noskov and Mikhail Ryzhov in 2:57:24 with a split on the last 10 km of 44:09.

Marco De Luca is always third in 3:00:42 (44:54)

The Ukrainian Ivan Banzeruk accelerated trying to catch De Luca and passed fourth in 3:01:33 (44:37).

The other Italians: Federico Tontodonati is 10th in 3:04:33, Teodorico Caporaso is 12th in 3:06:45, Lorenzo Dessi is 16th in 3:12:18


At 45 km:

Mikhail Ryzhov has forced the pace (22:21) and passed in 3:19:45 in front of the teammate Ivan Noskov (22:25) in 3:19:49.

Follow Marco De Luca (22:41) passing in 3:23:23, and Ivan Banzeruk passing fourth in 3:24:25 (22:51).


The last 5 km are not a solo Russian. Both, now sure of victory, have a higher split time: Ryzhov (23:46) and Noskov (24:07). Marco De Luca with a split of 22:57 gnaws almost a minute; great race for him.


They finish in this order:

Mikhail Ryzhov, gold in 3:43:23 - Ivan Noskov, silver in 3:43:57 - Marco De Luca, bronze in 3:46.21.

Fourth is Ivan Banzeruk (UKR) in 3:49:09, followed by Roman Yevstifeyev (RUS) in 3:51:00.

But the surprise for Italy isn’t finished. With a very strong final Teodorico Caporaso (22:42) finished eighth in 3:51:44 (personal best - shattered the previous 3:56:45 achieved in the European Cup in the Dudince in May 19, 2013). Passport to the World Championships and Olympic Games assured !?

The other Italians: verti nice race for Federico Tontodonati ending 12th in 3:56:09 and Lorenzo Dessì arrived 17th in 4:04:46.


Finally a good test for the Italian Team of 50 km, which seems to came out well for the mourning of Alex Schwarzer and giving a precise answer to the soap opera of recent months.

Team standings of 50 km
1.- Russia, as forecast, with 8 points
2.- Italy, with 23 points, but with a best finish
3.- Ukraine, with 23 points
10 km Junior Men


The favorites of the eve were the Spanish and they did: the bring home two individual medals (gold and bronze) and of course the victory per team.


At 5 km:

Diego Garcia leads the race in 20:24; he has set the pace with these split time per 1,000m: 4:15, 4:04, 3:59, 4:04 and 4:01.

The  team-mate Pablo Oliva (20:45) follows and leads a group of five athletes including the third Spanish Manuel Bermudez, the French Jean Blanchetoau, the Russian Vasiliy Mizinov and the Slovak Miroslav Úradník.

The Italians: Gregorio Angelini is 15th in 21:17 - Gianluca Picchiottino is 22nd in 21:46 - Stefano Chiesa is 39th in 22:33


In the second part of the race Diego Garcia continues his beautiful walk technically and also substantially with the following slits per km: 4:01, 4:01, 4:04, 4:05, 4:00. A second part of the race faster than the first allowing him to win quite easily in 40:38.

The fight for second place is resolved in favor of French Jean Blancheteau that to the 9 km mark force the pace and off the other Spanish Pablo Oliva.

Time: Jean Blancheteau an excellent 41.11 (personal best) and Pablo Oliva also the personal best in 41:19.

Fourth place for the Slovak Miroslav Úradník in 41:38 (PB) and fifth for the other Spanish Manuel Bermudez in 41:49 (PB).


The Italians: Gregorio Angelini is 11th in 42:42 (personal best), Gianluca Picchiottino is 16th in 43:26 (personal best). Stefano Chiesa is 34th in 45:53 with two red cards for bent knee.



Team standings of 10 km Junior Men


1.- Spain with 4 points, a landslide victory

2.- France with 11 points

3.- Germany with 17 points

4.- Russia with 20 points

5.- Italy with 27 points

20 km Women


To set the pace a group composed of the three Russian athletes (Elmira Alembekova, Svetlana Vasilyeva, Marina Padakòvà, and Vera Sokolova), along with the Italian Anna Eleonora Giorgi and Elisa Rigaudo, the Ukraine Lyudmyla Olyanovska, and the Spanish Raquel Gonzalez.

Five km covered in 22:21 to 22:22 and there are ten in the leading group.

After a few meters there is the other Spanish Julia Tackacs.


At 10 km:

Leads the pack Lyudmyla Olyanovska, in 44.14 (with a time of 21:52 seconds in 5km).

With her the group with Ana Cabecinha, Eleonora Anna Giorgi and Elisa Rigaudo, the four Russian and among them seems to be the more perky Marina Pandakova.

The other Italians: Valentina Trapletti is 24th in 46:03 (with a time of 23:14 seconds in 5 km), Federica Ferraro is 37th in 48:06


The situation of the red cards to 10 km:

Johanna Jackson-Atkinson (GBR): 2 red cards

Ines Henriques (POR): 1 red card

Agnese Pastare (LAT): 1 red card

Radosveta Simeonova (BUL): 1 red card

Vera Sokolova (RUS): 1 red card

Julia Takacs (ESP): 1 red card


Between 10 and 15 km:

Force the pace Pandakova the first and Alebekova then.

Resist Anna Eleonora Giorgi, Svetlava Vasilyeva and Anezka Drahotova.

Just before given way Olyanovska, Sokolova and even before Rigaudo and Spanish Gonzalez.


The situation of red cards in the leading group:

Elmira Alembekova: 1 red card (bent knee)

Anna Eleonora Giorgi: 1 red card (contact)

Marina Pandakova: 1 red card (contact)

Vera Sokolova: 2 red cards (contact)

Elisa Rigaudo: 1 red card (bent knee)

Julia Tackacs: 2 red cards (contact); she will be disqualified shortly after.


Over the last 5 km before try Svetlana Vasilyeva, and then Elmira Alembekova, resists only Eleonora Anna Giorgi but she found the second red card for lifting in her path.

Nevertheless, Giorgi try in final lap to win the race and gain few meters on Alembekova that blunt the attack and just before the last straight force to go on to win in 1:26:15 (record of the cup).

Second Eleonora Anna Giorgi in 1.26:17 to a personal best and a new Italian record.

Three other Russian Svetlana Vasilyeva in 1:26:31 in front of Anezka Drahotoiva in 1:26:53 (personal best) and Marina Pandakova (1:26:58).

Sixth Vera Sokolova (1:27:08), seventh Lyudmyla Olyanovska (1:27:09) and Elisa Rigaudo eighth in 1:280:1 to the season best.

The other Italians: Valentina Trapletti is 20th in 1:32:08 (personal best), Federica Ferraro is 35th in 1:39:54.



Team standings in the 20 km women


1.- Russia with 9 points

2.- Italy with 30 points

3.- Portugal with 38 points

4. -Ukraine with 39 points

5.- Spain with 39 points


10 km Junior Women



Immediately to lead the Spanish athletes Spanish with Maria Perez and Lidia Sanchez-Puebla, followed by Russian athletes and the Italians.

The first kilometer was covered in 4:45 and the three Spanish athletes leading the race, followed by Noemi Stella and Eleonora Dominici, and together with the Russian Mariya Losinova and Olga Sharghina.


At 5 Km:

Mariya Losinova has almost always have been set the pace after the 3km side by side with Noemi Stella and Maria Perez.

The others are separated of a few meters.

At 5 km the group is leaded by Mariya Losinova followed by Klaudia Aanasyeva, Olga Shargina (23:34).

Follow Noemi Stella (23:38) and Maria Perez (23:39).

Eleonora Dominici is seventh in 23:47; Giada Francesca Ciabini is 18th in 25:07


Immediately after half race the three Russian force the pace and leave off Noemi Strlls of ten meters that is also overcome by Maria Perez.

The distance between the top three and the chasers is large and it seems that for the podium there is nothing more to discuss.

Klaudia Aanasyeva force the pace and off a few meters towards the seventh km the other two Russian; she passes to 8 km in 36:56, followed by Mariya Losinova and Olga Shargina. Fourth is Maria Perez closely followed by Noemi Stella.


There is nothing more to say to the podium, except disqualifications, as Olga Shargina has two red cards against her.

Last lap Klaudia Aanasyeva in 41:26 followed by Mariya Losinova and Olga Shargina with a delay of 9” from Losinova.

Victory to Klaudia Aanasyeva in 45:55 while Olga Shargina is disqualified.

Second place went to Mariya Losinova in 46:11, and in third, benefiting from the disqualification of Shargina, the Spanish Maria Perez in 47:08 has slightly the better on Noemi Stella (47:19).

The other Italians: Eleonora Dominici eight in 48:26 and Giada Francesca Ciabini is 13th in 50:38 (personal best).



Team standings in the 10 km junior women



1.- Russia with 3 points

2.- Spain with  9 points

3.- Italy with 12 points

4.- Lithuania with 16 points

5.- Poland with 18 points

20 km men
mmediately goes to lead Yohann Diniz (3:58 first km), following a twenty meters from the group.

After a round undergoes the first call with the paddle yellow for lifting but continues on his step and pass to 2 km in 7:53

Lead the pack Lopez, Strelkov, Ivanov, Hlavan and Boyez.

Force the pace Diniz (3:59 on the 3rd km) which now has an advantage of about thirty meters (17"), while Miguel Angel Lopez decides to accelerate followed by Denis Strelkov and Aleksandr Ivanov.


5 km:

Yohann Diniz is first in 19:55.

Miguel Angel Lopez is second in 19:58 followed by Aleksandr Ivanov (19:59) and Denis Strelkov (20:02)

The Italians: Giorgio Rubino is 9th in 20:15 - Leonardo Dei Tos is 28th in 20:58 - Francesco Fortunato is 36th in 21:22 - Michele Antonelli is 40th in 21:31


Towards the sixth km both Lopez and Ivanov reach Diniz and now are in three to lead the race.

Ivanov have received a red card for bent knee.

Go to lead Miguel Angel Lopez while rained yellow paddles against Ivanov. The pace is less than 4:00 per lap.

Ivanov now has two red cards against him and seems more in lifting instead of bent knee. It comes off a few meters Yohann Diniz.


10 km:

Miguel Angel Lopez pass in 39:53 Aleksandr Ivanov followed by a few meters.

Yohann Diniz has lost about ten meters and is at 6".

Fourth is Matej Toth followed by Dzianis Simanovich.

Force the pace Miguel Angel Lopez and gain again a few meters on Ivanov, while is dubbed Ruslan Dmytrenko obviously in bad day.

The Italians: Giorgio Rubino is 12th in 40:56 - Leonardo Dei Tos is 25th in 42:35 - Francesco Fortunato is  29th in 42:48 - Michele Antonelli is 34th in 42:12

Towards the 13th km Diniz is passed by both Simanovich Dzianis (BLR) and Matej Toth (SVK)


15 km:

Miguel Angel Lopez is first in 59:45, followed by Aleksandr Ivanov in 1:00:06

Third and fourth Matej Toth is Dzianis Simanovich.

Follow Yohann Diniz and Ihor Hlavan

Shortly after the 16 km is DQed Aleksandr Ivanov, leaving second place to Matej Toth and the third to Dzianis Simanovich while Diniz is fourth and Hlavan fifth.

The Italiansi: Giorgio Rubino is 16th in 1:02.11 - Francesco Fortunato is 27th in 1:04:24 - Leonardo Dei Tos is 30th in 1:04:46 - Michele Antonelli is 34° in 1:04:30


The last kilometers are a beautiful solo by Miguel Angel Lopez (1:11:46 at the 18th km)

At 34” is Matej Toth, followed by Diniz who reached and pulled a few meters Simanovic (22" by Toth).

Lopez won in 1:19:52, second Matej Toth in 1:20:33 and third Yohann Diniz (1:20:37) finishing with two red cards for bent knee.

Follow Simanovic and fifth place to Hlavan.

The Italiansi: Giorgio Rubino is 11° in 1:22:55 - Francesco Fortunato is 29th in 1:27:04 - Leonardo Dei Tos è 31st  in 1:27:34 - Michele Antonelli è 33th in 1:28:17.





Team stabdings in 20 km men


1.- Germania con 32 punti, first time in the history of European Cup

2.- Russia con 35 punti

3.- Ucraina con 37 punti

4.- Francia con 57 punti

5.- Spagna con 58 punti


Team Award 20 Km women

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