13/12/2015   Nagasaki (JPN): Eiki Takahashi broke Asian record on 10.000m track walk

Today in Isahaya, Nagasaki Province, Eiki Takahashi broke the record of Japan (and obtain the best performance of Asia) on the distance of 10.000m track walk with a time of 38:01:49.


10.000m track walk men


Split times:


Lap Time of Eiki Takahashi  
1000m  3:43.  
2000m  7:30. 3:47.
3000m 11:17. 3:47.
4000m 15:05 3:48.
5000m 18:55. 3:50.
6000m 22:47. 3:52.
7000m 26:37. 3:50.
8000m 30:31. 3:54.
9000m 34:17. 3:46.
10000m 38:01.49 3:44.
Second place to Satoshi Maruo in 40:16:34 in front of Shogo Yamaoka (43:07.77).
Sixteen athletes at bthe start: 12 arrived, 1 DNF e 3 DQ.
10.000m track walk women
In female race victory of Kumiko Okada in 44:13.85
Second place to Chika Yamada in 49:44.53 and third to Kie Suenaga in 53:35.26.

Eiki Takahashi celebrate the new Japan record in 10.000m track walk 
(foto by Facebook, Shigeyuki Shimizh - Japan)

Podium of male race
(foto by Facebook, Shigeyuki Shimizh - Japan)


Podium of female race
(foto by Facebook, Shigeyuki Shimizh - Japan)


Eiki Takahashi during the race
(photo by Fumio Imamura - Japan)


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