16/04/2016   Wajima (JPN): Excellent Eiki Takahashi on 10km road walk

Sunny day with an ideal temperature around 22° in Wajima on the occasion of the first day of the 100th Championships 50km of Japan.

Today's program included the two U20 and senior competitions (men and women) over a distance of 10km Road walk.
More than a hundred athletes at the start that was given at 13:00 for the men's race and 13:05 for females.
10km road walk men
Immediately goes to lead Eiki Takahashi with the goal of a high-level performance in preparation to Rome.
The strong Japanese athlete, now coached by Fumio Imamura, immediately makes the void with a split time at half race of 18:44.
Behind him the junior Masatora Kawano (20:20:13) goes under 21:00.
The walk of Eiki Takahashi is very productive.
The athlete feels that there is a chance to break Japan's record over the distance, which already belongs to him, and even force the pace.
Very fast the seconds 5km that are covered in 19:19, and Takahashi win with a final time of 38:03 (New Japan record).
Second in the senior race arrives Gai Saito in 41:55 (to 5km: 20:38).
Third place in 42:39 to Masataka Ozeki (5km: 21:13).
Interviewed after the race Eiki Takahashi said he did not expect to break the record today, but he feels very good fit and that sooner or later, if there are other race in Japan on the distance of 10km, will try to break the wall of 38:00.
About the two most important events of the season Takahashi said that in Rome, with his teammates expect to win a medal, and to fight for the color of the same with China and Canada which are in his idea the two favored nations.
For the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro he hopes to finish in the top five athletes and redeem so the non good Results obtained last year in Beijing.
Below split times of Eiki Takahashi, lap by lap and at intermediate km.

1km.   3.34

2km.   7.18(3.43)

4km. 14.54(7.36)

5km. 18.44(3.50)

6km. 22.37(3.53)

8km. 30.25(7.48)


10 km road walk men U20
The victory goes to Masatora Kawano, which, as mentioned above, was the only one who has tried to follow Takahashi.
His final time is 41:04, also with a second part of the race faster than the first (20:13 - 20:51).
Second place went to Ryutarou Yamamoto in 41:22 (20:13 - 21:09)
Third place went to Yasushi Morita in 41:36 (20:13 - 21:23).
The selection for the World U20 Championships in Poland should be guaranteed at least the first two athletes.
10 km road walk women
Chiaki Asada has no difficulty in winning with the time of 45:34 (split to 5km of 22:42 and second half of the race in 22:52).
Second place went to Goto Rena in 46:11 (22:42 - 23:29) in front of Sae Matsumoto in 48:09 (23:26 - 24:43)
10 km road walk women U20
Victory to Yukiho Mizoguchi in 46:54 (23:25 - 23:29).
Second place to Saori Nishimura in 47:47 (24:11 - 23:38)
Third place to Maika Yagi in 48:08 (24:44 - 24:24)
The arrival of Eiki Takahashi in 10km in Wajima with tre time of 38:03 (NJR)