30/10/2016   Trieste "you can": Dei Tos and Colombi are the winners of Memorial Rodolfo Crasso

The beautiful sunny day and the temperature that gave the impression of a fresh August day were the backdrop to the 8th edition of the memorial Rodolfo Crasso.

The race was held in conjunction with the 2016 edition of the "Inter City" walking event between European cities.
The main success was to have led a good race walking meeting in the main city center on Sunday in a peak time among the people.
In Trieste, where there is a local saying that says "no se pol" (you can not) this time the organizers under the leadership of Ruggero Poli they showed that "se pol" (you can).
As for the two main events of the memorial Rodolfo Crasso here is a brief summary.
10 km road walk men
Go to lead immediately a trio of Leonardo Dei Tos, Stefano Chiesa and Riccardo Orsoni.
The first two make a race together taking turns for a few laps in the lead and giving the impression that they had already decided among themselves the course of the final.
Orsoni after a few laps loose about twenty meters, but his gap towards them remains constant.
The lap of the course are less than the usual standard measure of 1,000m (667m) and then the athletes follow one another quickly enough.
With three laps to go Leonardo Dei Tos force the pace just enough to win in 43:17.
Stefano Chiesa finished second in 43:32 and redeeming the recent disqualification in Grottammare. To the young athlete coached  by Pietro Pastorini this is the new personal best over the distance (previous: 44:45, obtained in Rieti on June 26, 2016) even if obtained on an unusual course as mentioned above.
Good and above all beautiful the race of Riccardo Orsoni third in 43:58.
The first of the local athletes is the master Fabio Ruzzier, year of birth 1953, organizer and also factotum of this race, which at the ripe age of 63 comes 13th in 53:37.
10 km road walk women
It was really a walk for Nicole Colombi, who walked for nearly half of the race along with the trio of males.
Competition from other athletes was for her easily overcome.
She has had no difficulty in winning with the time of 45:26.
In second place Lidia Barcella who finished a very good race in 48:13, in front of Gladys Moretti (48:43).
The first of the local athletes is Elisa Raia, year of birth 1978 who, at age 38, comes fourth in 49:31.
42nd edition of Inter City
Individual victory to Riccardo Orsoni, who raced also in team standing.
Team standing is the following:
1.-  U. S. Scanzorosciate - Italy with points 67
2.- Team 4go Sachsen - Germany with points 52
3.-  AK Koper - Slovenia with points 43
Race walking in the parlor of Trieste