05/03/2017   Huangshan (CHN): Niu Wenbin and Yin Hang win 50km

In the morning (China time) were held in Huangshan (CHN) the two races of 50km (men and women) as well as the 30km U20.

Intense participation:
- 50km men: 65 athletes at the start
- 50km women: 9 athletes at the start
- 30km U20 men: 39 athletes to the start
The races reserved standigs even at the level of the Province and were therefore drawn up two separate results one of which is for athletes who competed only at the level of Team-Province.
The weather conditions were more or less the same as yesterday: cool temperatures and high humidity day.
Compared to the excellent performance on the 20 km. the 50 km. confirms the difficulty of the Chinese school to find young people with great prospects.
After the period of Si Tiangfeng (Olympic silver in 2012) are not foreseen athletes able to get close to its performance. The only athlete at the time of good international level is Wei Yu (absent today) arrived 7th at Beijing World Championships and 5th in Rio, but still far from regularly fall below the 3h40.
We asked Sandro Damilano of this remarkable difference in performances on the two distances.
"The problem is methodological - he tells us - most of the Chinese coaches fail to understand that is very different the way to prepare for the 50 km. Training program must be differentiated and very different, the training volume must be totally different. Despite every year in two or three conventions, in China, I reiterate these concepts, the are apparently not been able to make myself understood. Confirmation of this is also in the modest results of the Juniors on 30 km."
At the conclusion of this two days we are allowed to submit only two numbers on the overall participation.
At the start in various competitions of Huangshan they were participating 541 athletes representing over 26 autonomous provinces (our Regions).
Three weeks ago in Kobe Championships Japan they were present at the start 311 athletes.
These numbers alone should tell us what is the mass of underlying job and that there is therefore no wonder when they obtain the bombastic results in terms of collective performaces.
50km men
Good race Niu Wenbin (CHN) athlete born in 1991 that last year on this same race on March 6, 2016, had established personal best in 3:48:32 and had arrived 8th.
The athlete of Junnan has quite easily won the title and improved his personal best of 2:20 and finished the race in 3:46.12.
Unfortunately, he isd an athlete that in the international competitions in which he participated was never able to express himselves at good levels.
The fight for second place was fantastic and resolved only in the last 500m of the race.
Wu Qianlong (CHN) (though he never played in big level in international competitions) managed to prevail in 3:48:38 on Bian Tongda (CHN) who arrived after 3" (3:48:41).
Wu Qianlong (1990) which has a PB of 3:47:35 (established on March 21, 2015 in Beijing in the selection for World Championships 2015) had to muster all his experience to get the better of Biang Tongda (1991) which had a much higher personal best (3:59:30, also established in the same race in Beijing).
On Sunday, Niu patiently stayed in the leading group for much of the race. Zhang Lin from the Army team, who finished sixth at the IAAF World Championships Beijing 2015, pulled away to take the sole lead with 12 kilometres to go. But he only managed to maintain his lead for some four kilometres before being passed by the chase pack spearheaded by Niu.
These three athletes were the only ones under 3:50:00, while four others have finished under 4:00:00.
Among them it deserves still report the 6th place of Han Yucheng (CHN) born in 1978 which also this year break the wall of 4:00:00 and that in the course of last season by winning here in Huangshan (3:42:43) had gained the passport to Rome in 2016 (where he had deliberately stopped at 30km) and Rio 2016 (where he had arrived only 47th in 4:32:35).
Of the 65 sttarted athletes, only 30 have completed the race (the difference is that in Europe sometime the athletes at the start did not arrive to 30), 23 DNF and 12 DQ.

Pos. Atleta Risultato
Niu Wenbin
Wu Qianlong
Bian Tongda
Luo Dongpo
Zhang Lin
6 Meng Zhongkai 03:54:35
Han Yucheng
Yan Dexiang
Liu Jian
Cheng Min
Luo Yadong
Yang Hu
Geng Yudong
Xie Sichao
Liang Yang
Fang Hongzhen
You Tao
18 Yang Yingyi 04:04:37
19 Zhou Shipeng 04:05:44
Jiang Su
Zhong Xing
22 Hou Xuejing 04:07:43
23 Cheng Qingsheng 04:08:03
Liu Rusi
25 Xiong Denghua 04:10:35
Huang Jian
Xu Yueceng
28 Liu Haitao 04:13:25
Zhao Qingwei
Li Guodong


50km women
Victory Yin Hang (CHN) born in 1997 at his first experience in the 50km.


Her time of 4:22:22 represent now the 5th place in the world ever list of the 50km women, which is shown below for the first 10 performances. Moreover is Asian record.

Result Competitor DoB Nation Venue Date
4:08:26 HENRIQUES Ines 01.05.1980 POR Porto de Mos (PO) 15.01.2017
4:10:59 SVENSSON Monica 26.12.1978 SWE Scanzorosciate (ITA) 21.10.2007
4:12:16 GINKO Elena 30.07.1976 BLR Scanzorosciate (ITA) 17.10.2004
4:16:27 DUKURE Jolanta 20.09.1979 LAT Parelepa (LAT) 09.09.2006
4:22:22 YIN Hang 07.02.1997 CHN Huangshan (CHN) 05.03.2017
4:25:22 VIRBALYTE-DIMSIENE Brigyta 01.02.1985 LTU Villa di Serio (ITA) 17.10.2010
4:26:37 BURNETT Katye 07.10.1988 USA Santee (USA) 29.01.2017
4:27:24 YANG Shuqing 30.08.1996 CHN Huangshan (CHN) 05.03.2017
4:28:13 XINOU Evangelia 22.11.1981 GRE Scanzorosciate (ITA) 17.10.2004
4:28:53 AIDIETYTE Neringa 05.06.1983 LTU Ivano-Frankivsk (UKR) 01.10.2006



Second place to Yang Shuqing (CHN) in 4:27:24 (eighth performance ever in 50km women)

Third place to Jiang Shanshan (CHN) in 4:32:14


Only five athletes finished the race and 4 DNF




30km U20 men

Victory to Gao Yingchao (CHN) in 2:12:38
Second place to Niu Wengchao (CHN) in 2:14:21
Third place to Peng Shiyi (CHN) in 2:14:51


Thirty-nine athletes at the start: 25 finished the tace, 11 DNF e 3 DQ





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Huangshan - 50km men

in cover photo a phase of 50km women