18/02/2018   Lievin (FRA): Victories to Erick Barrondo and Mirna Ortiz - French Champions: David Kuster and Marine Quennehen

The two walking events of the indoor 2018 French Championships took place this afternoon

5.000m indoor men
As usual in France the Championships are open and this test is also attended by two very well-known names from the global walking scene. This is Erick Barrondo (GUA) and Hedi Teraoui (TUN), in addition to the young Alsatian star David Kuster (FRA), while Yohann Diniz is absent.
These three athletes immediately ge to lead followed by Fabien Bernabé.
At 2,000m, however, they pass in four together in 7:54.
Behind them they fight for the bronze of the French Championships, Kenny Guinaudeau (FRA) and Justin Bournier (FRA).
When missing 1,000m on arrival the young David Kuster is already sure of his victory as he has a big advantage over Fabien Bernabé.
Victory to Erick Barrondo (GUA) in 19:38.39
Second place to Heidi Teraoui (TUN) in 19:39.92 (personal best)
Third place and gold of the French Championships to David Kuster (FRA) in 19:46.73 (new record U20 of France; previous of the same athlete - 19:48.60 - established in Nogent-sur-Oise, FRA on Dec. 17, 2017)
Silver of the French Champions to Fabien Bernabé (FRA) in 20:12.26
Bronze of the French Championships to Kenny Guinaudeau (FRA) in 20:17.44.




3.000m indoor women
Important foreign presence also in this race: that of Mirna Ortiz (GUA) wife of Erick Barrondo.
At 1,000m the Guatemalan is largely in the lead.
Behind her, for the title of Champion of France, the fight is between Marine Quennehen (FRA) and Amandine Marcou (FRA), which however will have a bad decline in the last 1,000m.
No difficulty for Mirna Ortiz (GUA) to win in 12: 40.33
Second place, but gold of the French Championships, to Marine Quennehen (FRA) in 13:21.68
Third place and silver of the French Championships, to Maud Delhors (FRA) in 13:42.60
Fourth place, and bronze of the French Championships, to Amelie Bourhis (FRA) in 13:48.45