01/03/2018   Stanislav Emelyanos (RUS): life ban starting 15.12.2017

Stanislav Emelyanov has been banned for life starting 15.12.2017.

This was announced in the February 2018 issue of the IAAF Newletter.
Emelyanov was found years ago not to comply with the biological passport (IAAF Rule 32.2.b) and suspended from Jul. 26, 2010 to Feb. 14, 2014.
The 2018 European Champion title obtained in Barcelona had been canceled and the victory assigned to Alex Schwazer (ITA) and had also lost the victory in the 2011 European Cup in Olhao (POR) in favor of Matej Toth (SVK).
Subsequently on Sep. 21, 2015, (in the middle of the doping scandal that had led to the non participation of the Russian walking team from the 2015 Beijing World Championships, his name was one of those of the six Russian walkers found positive in the surprise tests carried out in the first 2015 months in Saransk (RUS) (others: Anisia Kirdyapkina, Elmira Alembekova, Vera Sokolova, Mikhail Ryzhov, Ivan Noskov, Denis Strelkov).
But the real shock news and then confirmed by the IAAF was that the analysis of Sample B gave a negative result.
The IAAF had told the Associated Press that it had reserved the right to prosecute Stanislav Emelyanov for other violations of the anti-doping rules "
Now in the latest issue of the IAAF newsletter, the following list appears on the list of new anti-doping sanctions on 26.2.2018:

Sanctions for anti-doping rule violations in athletics as of 26 February 2018


EMELYANOV Stanislav (Date of birth 23.10.90)


IAAF Rule 32.2 (b) Athlete Biological Passport Case


Life ban starting 15.12.17


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