10/06/2018   Cheboksary (RUS) - Incredible results at Russian road walk Championship

Incredible results on the first day of the Russian March Championships in Cheboksary.

20km road walk women
This race offered the local audience the most incredible result with the victory of Yelena Lashmanova (RUS) with a time of 1 minute less than the actual world record set by Liu Hong at La Coruña in 2015.
The time of the Russian athlete, winner in London 2012 was 1:23:39.
These are her split times every 5km.
- 5km: 20:57
- 10km: 41:48 (20:51)
- 15km: 1:02:50 (21:02)
- Last 5km in 20:49
Second place to Sofiya Brodatskaya (RUS) in 1:27:41
Third place to Reykhan Kagramanova (RUS) in 1:29:50
As also indicated by RusAthletics these results can not be recognized by the IAAF. In particular the performance of Lashmanova will not be ratified as a world record given the absence of at least three international judges in judging the race. (click here)
What leaves us more perplexed is the fact that over the years from disqualification for the growth hormone (GW1516)  (our news of June 23, 2018: click here) what appears today in our eyes through the following photos and the video at the bottom of the news, is an athlete unrecognizable from the point of technical and physical sight.


20km road walk men
Another great result obtained by Sergey Shirobokov (RUS) in 1:1725.
We remember that the athlete who was part of the list of ANA now, along with others Team mates, is suspended pending investigations about the presence of a series of alleged training with Viktor Chegin, banner for live.
The Shirobokov split times every 5km were as follows:
- 5km: 19:04
- 10km: 38:25 (19:21)
- 15km: 57:57 (19:32)
- Last 5km in 19:28
Second place to Román Yevstifeyev (RUS) in 1:20:55
Third place tor Kirill Frolov (RUS) in 1:21:28
50km men
Victory for Sergey Bakulin (RUS) in 3:42:20
These are his split times every 10km:
- 10km: 44:21
- 20km: 1:28:27 (44:06)
- 30km: 2:11:59 (43:32)
- 40km: 2: 55.25 (43:06)
- Last 10km in 46.55
Second place to Dementiy Cheparev (RUS) in 3:54:20
Third place to Aleksey Terentyev (RUS) in 3:59:14
50km women
Victory to Klavdiya Afanasyeva (RUS) in 4:14:46
These are his passes every 10km:
- 10km: 49:47
- 20km: 1:38:58 (49:11)
- 30km: 2:27:44 (48:46)
- 40km: 3:17:06 (49:22)
- Last 10km in 57:40
Second place to Aleksandra Bushkova (RUS) in 4:22:36
Third place to Olga Shargina RUS) in 4:27:13

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