12/10/2018   Buenos Aires (ARG): Xi Ricuo (CHN) win the first stage of the Youth Olympic Games

Second day and first test of the women's 5,000m track walk.

The temperature is fresh (16°C) and also the humidity is acceptable (66%)



5.000m track walk U18 girls


One of the favorites, Xi Ricuo (CHN), immediately lead the race.

Together with the Chinese we find the European Champion U18 Hanna Zubkova (BLR), Olga Fiaska (GRE) and one can more behind Sofia Elizabeth Ramos Rodriguez (MEX).

The other two Europeans Evin Demir (TUR) and Simona Bertini (ITA) preferred a slower start.







The passage to the 1.000m sees in the head Xi Ricuo (CHN) in 4:26:09 (with a lap in 1:44.45 and the other in 1:48:87) followed by the other four athletes.

The Belarusian tries to stay with the Chinese, but we can see immediately that the Asian athlete has something more to express even in the technical gesture.

At the passage to the 2,000m always in the head Xi Ricuo (CHN) in 8:59.91 (seconds 1.000m in 4:26.82 and last lap in 1:47.12).

Behind her, the Belorusian, the Greek and Maria Villalva (ECU).





At 3.000m the race is now defined for the victory.

Xi Ricuo (CHN) took the lead in 13:21.84 (third 1.000m in 4:21:93 and last lap in 1:48.16).

But Belarusian has almost reached the Chinese and only a dozen meters separate them.

But the Chinese does not give up and continues with her pace.

When she passes to 4.000m the clock scores 17:50.79 (quarters 1.000m in 4:28.95 and last lap in 1:48.32), but the advantage over Hanna Zubkova (BLR) is now over 50m.

Even the technical situation of the two is quite precarious: both suffer two red cards for loss of contact.






From behind we see a come back of Sofia Elizabeth Ramos Rodriguez (MEX) who overcomes Olga Fiaska (GRE).

The other two Europeans Evin Demir (TUR) and Simona Bertini (ITA) are also catching up.


In the last 1.000m Xi Ricuo (CHN) tries to maintain the correctness of the technical pace, and succeeds. She wins in 22:23.26 (last 1.000m in 4:32.27 and last lap in 1:48.21).

On the other hand Hanna Zubkova (BLR) is unable to maintain the correctness of the technical gesture and suffers two more red cards due to loss of contact and she is disqualified directly.

Sofia Elizabeth Ramos Rodriguez (MEX) won the silver in 22:29.52 and Olga Fiaska (GRE) who won the bronze in 22:46.13.




They follow:

- fourth place to Maria Villalva (ECU) in 22: 48.75

- fifth place to Evin Demir (TUR) in 23: 25.54

- sixth place to Simona Bertini (ITA) in 23:32.30 even if, to be fair, these two red cards, that systematically the young Emilian receives at every international competition, worry a little bit.


They were 16 at the start and 15 finisged the race.

Of these fifteen, eleven have obtained the personal best


In the following table the performances of the European Athletes in both major competion of the year  2018



Gyor - 5 Jul 2018

European U18

Buenos Aires - 12 Oct 2018

Youth Olympics

ZUBKOVA Hanna (BLR) 22:45.47 - 1st DQ  
FIASKA Olga (GRE) 23:39.12 - 2nd 22:46.13 - PB - 3rd - 52.99
DEMIR Evin (TUR) 24:27.19 - 4th 23:25.54 - PB - 5th - 58:35
BERTINI Simona (ITA) 24:18.80 - PB - 3rd 23:32.30 - PB - 6th - 46:50
PULGARIN Ana (ESP) 24:35.62 - PB - 5th 24:13.77 - 8th - 21.85
KASYAN Daryna (UKR) 24:59.89 - 8th 24:01.29 - PB - 7th - 58.60


Despite all, except the winner who was disqualified in Buenos Aires, have obtained quite important improvements in terms of mark time compared to their mark of Gyor (or their personal best), were nor enough to make them occupy the highest steps of the podium.
- XI Ribuo (CHN) did better in Buenos Aires by 1:21.13 compared to the time obtained in Bangkok, THA at the selection on July 4, 2018
- Sofia Elizabeth RAMOS RODRIGUEZ (MEX) did better in Buenos Aires by 1:05.50 compared to the time obtained in Puerto Vallarts, MEX on Febryary 2, 2018 which represented her personal best
Maria VILLALVA (ECU) did better in Buenos Aires by 1:20.04 compared to the time obtained in Cuenca, ECU on July 1, 2018 which represented her personal best


The world season list on the distance of 5.000m track walk was modified as below:
22:23.26 Ricuo XI 09 AUG 2001 CHNCHN Buenos Aires (ARG) 12 OCT 2018
22:29.52 Sofia Elizabeth RAMOS RODÍGUEZ 25 AUG 2002 MEXMEX Buenos Aires (ARG) 12 OCT 2018
22:38.16 Taylor EWERT 21 NOV 2001 USAUSA Philadelphia (USA) 28 APR 2018
22:45.47 Hanna ZUBKOVA 04 JUL 2001 BLRBLR Győr (HUN) 05 JUL 2018
22:46.13 Olga FIASKA 09 NOV 2001 GREGRE Buenos Aires (ARG) 12 OCT 2018
22:48.75 Maria VILLALVA 15 FEB 2001 ECUECU Buenos Aires (ARG) 12 OCT 2018
23:25.54 Evin DEMİR 16 FEB 2001 TURTUR Buenos Aires (ARG) 12 OCT 2018
23:32.30 Simona BERTINI 04 MAY 2001 ITAITA Buenos Aires (ARG) 12 OCT 2018
23:38.32 Minori YABUTA 22 FEB 2002 JPNJPN Ise (JPN) 04 AUG 2018
10  23:44.69 Caitlin HANNIGAN 29 JUL 2002 AUSAUS Brisbane (AUS) 03 MAR 2018
(all photos, except cover photo, by Joe Toth, ARG per OIS-IOC)


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