09/01/2019   Canberra (AUS): 38:52.76 of Perseus Karlstrom on 10.000m track walk

Like every year in this period in Canberra at the Australian Institute of Sport the Supernova project is taking place now at its fourth edition.

As usual, the project also includes some official track events in particular on the distance of 10,000m for both men and women.
Today there was a mixed race that saw as many as 34 athletes (between men and women) at the start.
10.000m men's track walk
A "parterre de roi" the names of the athletes participating in the project Supernova 4, among which we want to remember Perseus Karlstrom (SWE), Mauricio Arteaga (ECU), Eider Arevalo (COL), Yerko Araya (CHI) in addition to the "aficionanos" Evan Dunfee (CAN), Isamu Fujisawa (JAP), Marius Zuikas (LTU), Quentin Rew (NZL)
He had no problems winning Perseus Karlstrom (SWE), the author of a great time 38:52.76.
This time is not very far from the athlete's personal best (38:39.28 obtained last Sep. 1 in Tampere in Finland for the Finnkampen), which is also Sweden's national record.
Second place to Mauricio Arteaga (ECU) in 40:16.25
Third place to Yerko Araya (CHI) who finished the race in 41:03.59 and who just got off the Berlin World Champion 2017, Eider Arevalo (COL) (41:04.03)

The progression of Perseus Karlstrom from 2007 on 10.000m track walk


2019 38:52.76 Canberra (AUS) 09 JAN 2019
2018 38:39.28 Tampere (FIN) 01 SEP 2018
2017 38:57.45 Stockholm (SWE) 02 SEP 2017
2016 42:00.98 Canberra (AUS) 11 JAN 2016
2015 42:03.09 Stockholm (SWE) 12 SEP 2015
2014 39:18.60 Helsinki (FIN) 30 AUG 2014
2013 40:32.00 Stockholm (SWE) 07 SEP 2013
2012 40:40.47 Göteborg (SWE) 01 SEP 2012
2009 42:55.34 Göteborg (SWE) 29 AUG 2009
2008 47:19.88 Bydgoszcz (POL) 09 JUL 2008
2007 48:13.05 Ostrava (CZE) 14 JUL 2007





10.000m women's track walk
Victory to Sandra Lorena Arenas (COL) in 45:16.53 in what for her was little more than a training. The strong Colombian athlete in fact boasts a personal best in the track distance equal to 42:02.99 established on Aug. 25, 2018 which also represents the South-American continental record. In the mixed test she arrived in seventeenth position.
Second place to Jemima Montag (AUS) in 45:36.84
Third place to Katie Hayward (AUS) in 45:39.75







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