08/02/2019   Doping (RUS): Anisya Kornikova-Kirdyapkina banned from Jul. 27, 2017 to Jul. 26, 2020

On the basis of the values ​​of the biological passport that presented considerable variations in blood, the IAAF had started a procedure against some athletes in Russia (12).

The Court Arbitration of Sport has now disqualified another Russian female race walker: Anisya Kirdyapkina. The case was pending brefore CAT/TAS from Nov. 17, 2017.
Anisya Kornikova, this is her family name at birth, then married in 2005 after the World Championships in Helsinki with the Russian athlete of 50km Sergej Kirdyapkin (from which Kirdyapkina) was disqualified from the TAS for 3 years from 27 July 2017 until 26 July 2020.
In 2016, the marriage with Sergei Kirdyapkin ended in divorce and in 2017 Anisya Kornikova remarried and now bears the surname of Makolova.
All results obtained in the period from 25 February 2011 to 11 October 2013, are canceled.
The TAS had disqualified on Feb. 1, 2019 as many as 12 Russian athletes and this is the 13th case.
Anisya Kirdyapkina, who at the time of the first great scandal seemed a little less involved, lost the silver medals of the world championships in 2011 and 2013 and the gold (team) of the 2012 World Cup.

Daegu 2011 - World Championships




Olga Kaniskina had already been disqualified.
If confirmed by the IAAF the three medals will go to Liu Hong (gold), Elisa Rigaudo (silver) and Qieyang Shenjie (Bronze).
It will be the first case in the history of women's race walk that a coach (Sandro Damilano) obtains gold and silver in the podium of 20km with two athletes coached by him, but of two different Countries (China and Italy) because that year Elisa Rigaudo was still followed by Sandro Damilano.



Moscow 2013 - World Campionships




If confirmed by IAAF the three medals will go to Elena Lashmanova (gold), Liu Hong (silver) and Sun Huanhuan (bronze).


There will still be other changes that in the coming days we will do, especially in our "History" section.

We list them in the following table:



Competition - Date Result Medals to:  
Olhao - European Cup - 21.5.2011 2nd - 1:30:41 Elisa Rigaudo (ITA) - 1:30:55 Silver
    Maria Vasco (ESP) - 1:31:41 Bronze
    Team Ukraine Silver
    Team Portugal Bronze
Saransk - World Cup - 12.5.2013 5th - 1:31:00 Team China Silver
    Team Portugal Bronze
London - Olympic Games - 14.8.2012 4th - 1:26:26 Lu Xiuzhi (CHN) - 1:27:10  
Dudince - European Cup - 19.5.2014 1st - 1:28:40 Vera Sokolova (RUS) - 1:29:19 Gold
    Marina Pandakova (RUS) - 1:29:26 Silver
    Irina Yumanova (RUS) - 1:29:38 Bronze
Kazan - XXVII Universiade - 10.7.2013 1st - 1:29:30 Irina Yumanova (RUS) - 1:30:41 Gold
    Lina Bikulova (RUS) - 1:32:30 Silver
    Hanna Drabenia (BLR) - 1:33:15 Bronze



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