28/02/2019   Ruslan Dmytrenko (UKR) disqualified for doping until 4.5.2020; canceled the results from 14.8.2009 to 3.8.2012

In the February 2019 report, issued yesterday Feb. 27, 2019, the IAAF Athletics Integrity Unit published an additional list of athletes subject to disqualification for doping events.

Among them we find the final decision of the case of Ruslan Dmytrenko (UKR) that had been found positive on August 14, 2009
Dmytrenko has been sanctioned with a disqualification of 2 years which deducted the previous expires 4.5.2020.
In addition, all results from August 14, 2009 to August 3, 2012 are to be considered canceled
The most important competitions that will be then updated are the following:
15.8.2009 - Berlin - World Championships - 31st place (1:27:01)
27.7.2010 - Barcelona  - European Championships - 11th place (1:22:45)
21.5.2010 - Olhao - Marcia European Cup - 28th place (1:32:55)
28.8.2011 - Daegu - World Championships - 4th place (1:21:31)
12.5.2012 - Saransk - World Cup March - 2nd place (1:20:17)
By virtue of the above Ruslan Dmytrenko loses the silver medal of the individual 20km at Saransk 2012 in favor of Andrey Ruzavin (RUS) who had replaced Andrey Krivov (RUS) also disqualified for doping.
Ukraine loses team silver in 20km in favor of Australia, while bronze is awarded to India.
Evan Dunfee (CAN) produced this insteresting stat, showing that 5 of the first 10 of that 20km (red lines) have subsequently had their 2012 World Cup results expunged after drugs investigations, and two more (yellow lines) have been banned for drugs failures at other times. 
Thus 7 of the top 10 from this race 10 are banned: 5 Russians before and now 2 Ukrainians.