13/04/2019   Wajima (JPN): First day of 103rd 50km Japan Championships

A beautiful sunny day in April hosted the first of two days dedicated to the 103rd Japan 50km Championship today in Wajima.

Today the 10km distance races valid also for the 58th edition of the All Japan U20 were held.
10km women
Great solitary race by Nanako Fujii (JPN) who goes to the lead immediately after the start and is no longer reached by any of the opponents.
She passed at 5km in 22:06 and at this point in the race she has an advantage of 0:40 over Ai Michiguchi (JPN) who is second (22:46) in front of Maika Yagi (JPN) which passes in 23:31 in turn before Rena Goto (23:37)
The young Japanese woman not yet twenty continues with her pace even in the second part of the race: 22:34 is the time of her second 5km and goes on to win with the final time of 44:40 which represents the new personal best of the athlete in the 10km road walk (previous of 45:29 obtained in Taicang, CHN on May 6, 2018).
Nanako Fujii (JPN) also boasts a 44:13:37 on the track distance achieved in Osaka (JPN) on Sep. 22, 2018.
Second place to Ai Michiguchi (JPN) in 45:59 (22:46 + 23:13).
Third place to Maika Yagi (JPN) in 47:24 (23:31 + 23:53)
Fourth place to Rena Goto (JPN) in 48:25 (23:37 + 24:48)
With this result the young Japanese woman joins the eighth place in the world seasonal list on 10km the team-mate Ai Michiguchi who in turn had the same mark of 44:40 at the beginning of the year meeting in Tokyo on Jan 1, 2019


10km women U20
Victory for Minori Yabuta (JPN) in 47:18 (23:31 + 23:47)
Second place to Sae Kitakoji (JPN) in 47:43 (23:32 + 24:11)
Third place to Mao Tatsumi (JPN) in 48:28 (23:43 + 24:45)



10km men
Even in the 10km men solitary race of Motofumi Suwa (JPN) that goes in the lead shortly after the start and and will be no longer reached.
At 5km Suwa passes with a time of 20:04 and has a lead of 0:34 on Subaru Ishida (20:38).
Third is Taiga Ogasawara (JPN) in 20:49
In the second half, Motofumi Suwa continues the race with its pace (20:32 the second 5km) and goes on to win in 40:36
For the not yet twenty-year-old Japanese (Suwa will celebrate his birthday on Oct. 22, 2019), this is the personal best on the road distance. In fact he broke the previous personal (obtained last year in Wajima) of 0:10.
Always in the second part of the race Taiga Ogasawara gets the second best time on the 5km (21:05) with the second place in 41:54 (20:49 + 21:05) and the new personal best (previous of 43:48 obtained in Kobe , JPN on Feb. 22, 2017).
Third place to Subaru Ishida in 42:21 (20:38 + 21:43) also for him a new personal best (previous of 42:56 obtained in Kobe, JPN on feb. 28, 2018).
10km men U20
Victory to Rihito Ishida (JPN) in 42:03 (20:49 + 21:14)
Second place to Takumi Kitamura (JPN) in 42:06 (20:40 + 21:26)
Third place to Kouya Miyahara (JPN) in 42:08 (20:38 + 21:30)


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