22/04/2019   Alexandropoulis (GRE): Balkan Championships of 20km

On  Saturday  20/4/2019 , the  AΒΑF and  the  Greek  athletic  Federation  SEGAS, with  the  colaboration  of  the perfecture  of  Evros and  the  municipaly  of  Alexandropoulis, organised  the  18th race walk  balkan  championship, during of  this competiton  held  the  Greek  national championship in 20km, for  men and  women.

The  wonderfull  hosting city is  800 km  north/east  from  Athens and  only  40km  from  the  borderline  with Turkey, on  the  seaside.
The  championship  had  participation of athletes  from Greece, Turkey, Romania, Ukraine, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Bulgaria and are organised under  the  IAAF  rules.
In total there were  85 athletes in  all  categories, with  good  performance  althougth   the  cool and  windy  weather.
Many  of  the  athletes  made  personal  or  season  best. The  Turkish  team  won  most  of  the  medals, with a high  level performance!
The  most  intresting event  was  the  20km  men, with  Alexandros  Papamichail (GRE), winner  on the  finish line the  gold medal after  a  great  fight with Şahin Şenoduncu (TUR). Third on the line was George  Tzatzimakis (GRE) with new  personal  best.

In  the  Greek  national  championship the  winners  are Alexandros  Papamichail (GRE) and  Panagiota Tsinopoulou (GRE). The latter obtained the seaon best with this doble victory  since  they won the   gold  medal   in  20km  on  Balkan and  National  championship. 
In 20km women Antigoni Drispioti, the  favorite  of the eve, for  both champioships didn't make it to  finish.
The race, however, has seen good moments: in addition to the victory of Panagiota Tsinopoulou to note the second place of Ivana Renic (CRO) in 1:36:23 which represents the new Croatian national record and the third place of Mihaela Puscasu (ROU) in 1:41:39.
Of the young Croatian we allow ourselves to point out the constant growth from 2015 over the Olympic distance.

2019 1:36:23 Alexandropoulis (GRE) 20 APR 2019
2018 1:37:15 Dublin (IRL) 07 DEC 2018
2017 1:46:36 Borsky Mikulás (SVK) 22 APR 2017
2016 1:52:41 Dudince (SVK) 19 MAR 2016
2015 2:00:31 Dudince (SVK) 21 MAR 2015

Also in U20 women two good results of young new entry athletes from the Balkans:
- Pevec Eli (CRO) confirmed on the 10km U20 women in 53:18 the result he had obtained in Dudince a month ago and that represents the personal best;
- Eva Čanadi (SLO) has obtained the new personal best, as well as the new National Record of Slovenia, in 53:29 on the 10km U20 women (previous of 55:24 obtained in Zagreb, CRO on Nov. 3, 2018, but the athlete also boasts a 55:26.13 on track obtained in Velenje, SLO last week.
Bruna Jancek (CRO) has obtained on 5km U18 girls the new National Record of Croazia in 25:21
For Papamichail  was a   preparation  performanse  since  he is  preparing  to participate  in 50 km  in European  race walk Cup  in   Alytus &  to  make  the  standar  for  the  world championship in  Doha.
Another  Greek  athlete  Filtitsakou  Kiriaki   obtained the entry standard for  the European  championship  in  Boras.
The  Greek  federation  SEGAS, by  the  deputy  vice president  Mr  Athanasios  Raptis, the  Municipality of  Alexandroupolis by  the  deputy  mayor  Mr. Vatamidis and  the  perfecuture of  Evros  by  the  deputy Mr Petrovic as  the  ditectors   accompined  by experied  clerks, made  their  best  for  a  high level event.
The  race  walking  judges  was represeting  by Mara  Baleani (Italy), Gaye  Bekler (Turkey) and Vesna Repic (Serbia).
Zoe Gkini - Greece


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