23/04/2019   Lazaro Cardenas (MEX): In 50km victories of Isaac Palma (MEX) and Evelyn Inga (PER)

Even on Sunday morning, as in Saturday's races, the climatic conditions in Lazaro Cardenas (MEX) were not ideal for a 50km walk with high temperature and humidity. However at the beginning (7:50) at the start there were 27 men and 16 women.

50km men
The champions of the last three editions were present:
- Claudio Villanueva (ECU) who had won the 2017 edition,
- Horacio Nava (MEX) who had won the 2015 edition;
- and Omar Zepeda (MEX) who had won the 2013 edition.
But the winner did not come from that elite group.
Despite having had to slow down in the last laps due to some physical problems, it was the Mexican Isaac Palma who easily won the race with a time of 3:49:39 which represents the new personal best (his previous personal best of 3:57: 32 had been obtained in Dudince in 2017).
The Colombian Jorge Armando Ruiz took second place in the final stages of the race, with a time of 3:56:07.
Behind him (+ 0:32) the Mexican Horació Nava who finished third in 3:56:39.
Only still an athlete under the time of 4:00:00: José Leyver Ojeda Blas ending in 3:58:14


50km women
Ecuador was expected to occupy a prominent place in the women's 50 km, with Johanna Ordoñez and Magaly Bonilla, respectively sixth and eleventh at the 2018 World Championships, but the race gave a surprise for the victory.
It was Evelyn Inga (PER) just twenty-one (she had celebrated her birthday on Apr. 16, 2019) at her inaugural 50km to triumph over the two most favored walkers with a time of 4:22:57.
Recently the athlete had competed on March 10, 2019 in high altitude in Arequipa (PER) on 35km as a test and had won in 2:59:33.
This time currently puts her in fifteenth position in the world seasonal list of 50km, but she is the first of Consudatle Area. If, on the other hand, we also consider the NACAC area, the young Peruvian woman is in second place behind Mirna Sucely Ortiz Flores (GUA) who had obtained an excellent 4:13:56 in Guatemala City on Feb. 24, 2019.
Second place for Johana Ordonez (ECU) in 4:24:49
Third place for Magaly Bonilla (ECU) in 4:33:52 which had to fight for minor medals.
Fourth position Viviane Santana Lyra (BRA) in 4:34:55 and fifth position Joci Caballero (PER) in 4:35:35 which showed a rapidly improving female standard.
Currently in the women's world list of 2019 as many as 18 athletes are under the time of 4:30:00 of which:
- nine athletes from China
- an athlete from Spain
- an athlete from Australia
- an athlete from Guatemala
- an athlete from Slovakia
- an athlete from Japan
- an athlete from Croatia
- an athlete from Peru
- an athlete from Ecuador
- an athlete from Italy
For women 50km lovers, in addition to Liu Hong's world record (3:59:15), it is a pleasure to see in this ranking an athlete not well known to the international public who comes from a country, Croatia, whose traditions do not they are those of the most famous Countries. We are talking about Ivana Renic who is not yet 23 years old (she was born on 21.8.1996) who with her performance ranks third in the 2019 European seasonal list.




A short report with split times

50km men
- 10km covered in 45:55 (23:09 + 22:46): Isaac Palma (MEX) is the leader of the race, behind him Claudio Paulino Villanueva (ECU) and Horacio Nava (ECU) in 46:18
- 20km covered in 1:31:24 (seconds 10km in 45:29): always leading Isaac Palma (MEX), behind him always Claudio Paulino Villanueva (ECU) and Horacio Nava (ECU) in 1:32:18
- 30km covered in 2:16:52 (third 10km in 45:28): always leading the race Isaac Palma (MEX). Behind him Claudio Paulino Villanueva (ECU) and Horacio Nava (ECU ) in 2:18:39 which however were joined by Jesus Tadeo Vega Ortiz (MEX) and José Leyver Ojeda Blas (MEX)
- 40km covered by Isaac Palma (MEX) always leading the race in 3:02:17 (fourth 10km in 45:25). Behind him, Pedro Daniel Gomez (MEX) took the second position in 3:05:54 while in third position only Horacio Nava (ECU) remained in 3:06:10. Fourth is José Leyver Ojeda Blas (MEX) in 3:07:06. Both Claudio Paulino Villanueva (ECU) and Jesus Tadeo Vega Ortiz (MEX) lost ground. On the other hand, Jorge Armando Luis Fajardo (COL) is approaching the head with a split of 47:10 in the fourth 10km and he passes in fifth position in 3:08:06
- last 10km: Isaac Palma (MEX) slows down (fifth 10km in 47:22), but still manages to win in 3:49:39.
The surprise is Jorge Armando Luis Fajardo (COL) who with a split of 48:01 in the fourth 10km climbs all the other athletes in front of him and goes to take the silver in 3:56:07.
Horacio Nava who at 45km was still in second place with a +0:53 in front of Jorge Armando Luis Fajardo (COL) has to settle for bronze.
50km women
- 10km covered in 52:33 (27:11 + 25:22): leads the race Evelyn Inga (MEX), behind her Johanna Ordonez (ECU) and Magaly Bonilla (ECU) in 55:03
- 20km covered in 1:48:07 (seconds 10km in 52:34): Evelyn Inga (MEX) always leading the race, behind her always Johanna Ordonez (ECU) and Magaly Bonilla (ECU) in 1:49:13
- 30km: Evelyn Inga (MEX) leads in 2:38:57, followed by Yoci Caballero (PER) in 2:40:42, Nair da Rosa (BRA) in 2:41:09, Johanna Ordonez (ECU ) in 2:41:46 and Magaly Bonilla (ECU) in 2:41:56
- 40km: Evelyn Inga (MEX) in 3:34:08, followed by Johanna Ordonez (ECU) in 3:32:53 and Magaly Bonilla (ECU) in 3:33:57
- last 10km: Evelyn Inga (MEX) covers the last 10km in 48:49 and wins in  4:22:57.
Johanna Ordonez (ECU) is second in 4:24:49, while Magaly Bonilla (ECU) gets the bronze in 4:33:52


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