03/05/2019   Brest (BLR): Belarus race walking cup

Saturday, April 27th the Belorussian race walking Cup was held in Brest (BLR) which allowed the selection of the Belarusian team for the Alytus European Cup (LTU).

The participation was intense as in addition to the European Cup competitions a series of national youth competitions called "Our hopes" were also held.
Unfortunately, Alexander Liakhovich and the Junior Nikita Kolyada are absent. Their participation would certainly have provided a more exciting race.
35km men
Victory for Dimitry Dziubin (BLR), trained by our old acquaintance Viktor Ginko, who finishes the race in 2:37:27
Second place for Uladzimir Kalesnik (BLR) in 2:50:45
Third place for Uladzimir Brundukou (BLR) in 2:57:07


35km women
Anastasia Yatsevich (BLR) and Nadzeya Darazuk (BLR) walked together for a long time.
Yatsevich, now coached by Evgeniy Misiulia, has gradually increased towards mid-race by walking the second part of the race fastest of the first.
Victory for Anastasia Yatsevich (BLR) in 2:55:06
Second place for Nadzeya Darazuk (BLR) in 3:08:50
Third place for Anastasiya Rodzina (BLR) in 3:11:21



20km women
The race saw the return to the races of Darya Balkunets-Paluektova (BLR) who had been at a standstill for over four years since she had competed at the U23 European Championships in Tallin on Jul. 10, 2015, arriving sixth.
The 26-year-old had first had a long series of personal injuries, but then she married (Paluektova) and gave birth to a son.
Her victory in 1:32:01 represents her new personal best (1:32:36 was the time of Tallin 2015)
Second place for Victoriya Rashchupkina (BLR) in 1:32:35
Third place for Anastasiya Rarouskaya (BLR) in 1:34:33


20km men
Easy victory for Dzmitry Lukyanchuk (BLR) in 1:27:58
Second place Anatoly Gomel (BLT) in 1:30:59
Third place for Dzmitry Velichko (BLR) in 1:35:27



We invite our readers for the results of U20, U18 and U16 to refer to the results section.


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