06/05/2019   Let's not lose a budding champion.

Last Sunday in the sun of Mariano Comense we had witnessed another disqualification, unfortunately due and deserved, by a young U18.

One of those that a couple of years ago had blasted one of the young walkers' coach Ruggero Sala on the stands of Cles, who is always at the request of young new names to be delivered to this Italian walk that lives all the time with the goal of growing: the boy, at the time little already that fourteen year old,  walked that it was a wonder.


The following year (2018) began the seasom with an amazing result obtained on the 3,000m track in Palermo when he was able then to get an incredible 12:50:73 sending in the loft the Italian U16 record that belonged to nothing less than Giorgio Rubino, while at the end of September in San Vito al Tagliamento (PN) at 5,000m it had stopped at 21:49:86 (and here it was deleted another name, that of Michele Didoni.)

We began to understand then that the spasmodic search for the Italian record in a specialty in which the movement of the records takes on a "slow waltz" rather than a "can can" could not have benefited the young man we had seen in full development.


His height in one season had increased by about ten centimeters, but with it had created major problems of posture: the shoulders seemed heavy and embedded on the bust, the musculature of the pelvis and hips is not fully formed,; the fluidity that the young boy had shown in that of Cles and that had thrilled those present had vanished in a night dream.

Furthermore, there was a problem with the progression of the right foot for the outside, making more road, almost not attacking the ground by the heel mail but often flat, and giving the obvious impression of a flight phase

We approached his coach advising him on some joint mobility exercises, inviting him to show it to some postural expert and to exchange some opinions with the top technicians in the gatherings in order to seek a recovery of his potentialities which in our opinion they were anr they are not few.

There is time to work we thought. In fact, we haven't see him for the rest of the season until the Italian U16 Championships.


He and some others are in the lead from the beginning. We have some doubts about this strange and not very fluid step, but, in our opinion, the young man has in his head only a target the time of 21:57.80 (the best Italian U16 performance of Michele Didoni).

- passage to 1,000: in 4:26;

- passage to 2,000: in 8:56 (second 1.000 in 4:30);

- passage to 3,000 in 13:22 (thirds 1.000 in 4:37);

- final passage to 4.000 in 17:46 (quarters 1.000m in 4:44).

Probably late for the record, but he gains about ten meters. Unfortunately at 120 from the finish he was stopped for more red cards that arrived between 17:14 and 17:15, not even, the time to finish in the Penalty Zone.

It is the last disappointment of 2018.


The season changes and the young boy in 2019 competes in U18


27.1.2019 - Gioiosa Marea: National Championship in Gioiosa Marea 10km (with international jury): he collects 8 yellow and 6 red cards - DQ

8.2.2019 - Ancona: Indoor Championships U18 5.000m: wins the Italian Indoor Championships in 22:09.62 (a red card)

25.4.2019 - Udine: Memorial Todaro Udine 5.000m: wins in 21:40:20 (clean and new personal best on the distance)

29.4.2019 - Mariano Comense: Northern Italy Society Championships, 10km, 29.4.2019: out of five judges of which two internationals collect 5 yellow paddles due to lack of contact, 3 red cards and is stopped for 1 minute in the Waiting Area, and finally after 4th red card is DQ

4.5.2019 - Pordenone: U18 Company Championship 5.000m: wins in 21: 47.20 (his second time ever and no red cards).


In our humble opinion, the chronometer is not everything, especially when we are facing young athletes in full development. The red cards are useful, if you need them.

The program of the last two weeks, in our humble opinion will not help him to grow, and to resolve the technical and postural errors also recently seen.

and to resolve the technical and postural errors also recently seen.

Frankly, we're sorry. We saw a budding champion in him.


Let's support him, it's his dream not ours.




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