10/05/2019   Maria Guadalupe Gonzalez (MEX): four years of ineligibility from 16.11.2018

The presence of a prohibited substance (Epitrenbolone - article 2.1) and use of a prohibited substance/method (Trenbolone - article 2.2) cost in the first instance a disqualification of 4 years (from 16.11.2018) to Maria Guadalupe Gonzalez Romero (MEX).

The four years of ineligibility also leads to the cancellation of the results from Oct. 17/2018 to Nov. 16, 2018.
The athlete therefore does not lose any of the medals she won at the time including the silver of Rio de Janeiro, the gold of the World Championships in London 2017 and the World Championships for Teams of Rome 2016 and Taicang 2018, as well as the gold at the Games Pan-American of Toronto 2015.
The decision can be appealed by the athlete.
The 30-year-old Mexican athlete, vice-Olympic champion of Rio de Janeiro, was found positive to a surprise testing sent by WADA. (see our news click here ).

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