11/05/2019   Distance duel between Emiliano Brigante and Daniele Breda in U18 boys

The progress and progression of Daniele Breda and Emiliano Brigante does not stop.


This evening in Pordenone (ITA) in the regional phase of the Company Championships he stopped the clock at 10,000m on rack walk at the excellent mark of 44:33.94.

Obviously a new personal best, but what counts is the second best Italian performance of the 2019 season in front of Gabriele Gamba who on April 28, 2019 had obtained an excellent 44:51.80 in Mariano Comense after a race fought with Brigante then disqualified.


Fifteen days later, the redemption of the Monfalcone athlete who gets the sixth U18 world season 2019 performance.

In front of him only three athletes from India and one from China, besides Daniele Breda one of the two opponents of all time.


These are his split times:


- 1.000m: 4:23.1

- 2.000m: 8:46.3

- 3.000m: 13:10.2

- 4.000m: 17:35.0

- 5.000m: 21:56.9

- 6.000m: 26:19.8

- 7.000m: 30:50.8

- 8.000m: 35:26.0

- 9.000m: 39:59.7

- ultimo 1.000m in 4:34.34


While we are publishing the news, we get the result of Chiari (regional phase of men from Lombardy).


Here the other U18 boy from Lombardy who is shedding light on race (albeit sometimes with some technical problem that limits it), Daniele Breda, gets a better result: 44:31.68.


Full results in the section Results or directly download from this link: click here




World U18 season list updated



43:21.99 Vishvendra SINGH 10 JUL 2002 INDIND Raipur (IND) 19 FEB 2019
43:22.68 Paramjeet SINGH BISHT 03 MAR 2002 INDIND Raipur (IND) 19 FEB 2019
43:36.26 . AMIT 25 DEC 2003 INDIND Raipur (IND) 19 FEB 2019
44:11.17 Junran LI 12 MAR 2002 CHNCHN Hong Kong (HKG) 16 MAR 2019
44:31.68 Daniele BREDA 12 NOV 2002 ITAITA Chiari (ITA) 11 MAY 2019
6 44:33.94 Emiliano BRIGANTE 27 MAY 2003 ITAITA Pordenone (ITA) 11 MAY 2019



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