10/06/2019   The considerations of Marcia dal Mondo on La Coruna 2019

This year's La Coruna competition deserves some personal and particular considerations.
World heritage plate for race walk
As already known, the IAAF has awarded La Coruna with the World Heritage Plate for Race Walk, for its history, for the champions who have walked its streets, for the results ... and because is La Coruna.
In 2015, Liu Hong's wonderful world record and Saturday the day of walking with the most glowing results of recent years: today it was worth being there.



Seasonal world lists
Partially re-written the seasonal world lists, particularly in men

1:17:15 Toshikazu YAMANISHI 15 FEB 1996 JPNJPN Nomi (JPN) 17 MAR 2019
1:17:24 Masatora KAWANO 23 OCT 1998 JPNJPN Nomi (JPN) 17 MAR 2019
1:17:25 Koki IKEDA 03 MAY 1998 JPNJPN Nomi (JPN) 17 MAR 2019
1:17:45 Massimo STANO 27 FEB 1992 ITAITA La Coruna (ESP) 08 JUN 2019
1:17:47 Yusuke SUZUKI 02 JAN 1988 JPNJPN Nomi (JPN) 17 MAR 2019
1:17:52 Isamu FUJISAWA 12 OCT 1987 JPNJPN Nomi (JPN) 17 MAR 2019
1:18:00 Eiki TAKAHASHI 19 NOV 1992 JPNJPN Kobe (JPN) 17 FEB 2019
1:18:07 Perseus KARLSTRÖM 02 MAY 1990 SWESWE La Coruna (ESP) 08 JUN 2019
1:18:32 Vasiliy MIZINOV 29 DEC 1997 ANAANA Sochi (RUS) 18 FEB 2019
10  1:18:42 Sergey SHIROBOKOV 11 FEB 1999 RUSRUS Sochi (RUS) 18 FEB 2019
10  1:18:42 Christopher LINKE 24 OCT 1988 GERGER La Coruna (ESP) 08 JUN 2019
12  1:18:47 Caio BONFIM 19 MAR 1991 BRABRA La Coruna (ESP) 08 JUN 2019
13  1:18:58 Diego GARCÍA CARRERA 19 JAN 1996 ESPESP La Coruna (ESP) 08 JUN 2019
14  1:19:00 Tomohiro NODA 24 JAN 1996 JPNJPN Kobe (JPN) 17 FEB 2019
14  1:19:00 Hirooki ARAI 18 MAY 1988 JPNJPN Kobe (JPN) 17 FEB 2019


and in women:


1:24:31 Yelena LASHMANOVA 09 APR 1992 RUSRUS Sochi (RUS) 18 FEB 2019
1:25:29 Glenda MOREJÓN 30 MAY 2000 ECUECU La Coruna (ESP) 08 JUN 2019
1:25:34 Jiayu YANG 18 FEB 1996 CHNCHN La Coruna (ESP) 08 JUN 2019
1:25:37 Shenjie QIEYANG 11 NOV 1990 CHNCHN Huangshan (CHN) 10 MAR 2019
1:25:56 Hong LIU 12 MAY 1987 CHNCHN La Coruna (ESP) 08 JUN 2019
1:27:15 Liujing YANG 22 AUG 1998 CHNCHN Huangshan (CHN) 10 MAR 2019
1:27:24 Quanming WU 16 NOV 2001 CHNCHN Huangshan (CHN) 10 MAR 2019
1:27:38 Erica ROCHA DE SENA 03 MAY 1985 BRABRA La Coruna (ESP) 08 JUN 2019
1:27:41 Kumiko OKADA 17 OCT 1991 JPNJPN La Coruna (ESP) 08 JUN 2019
10  1:27:46 Eleonora Anna GIORGI 14 SEP 1989 ITAITA Poděbrady (CZE) 06 APR 2019
11  1:28:00 Zhenxia MA 01 AUG 1998 CHNCHN La Coruna (ESP) 08 JUN 2019
12  1:28:28 Dandan DUAN 23 MAY 1995 CHNCHN La Coruna (ESP) 08 JUN 2019
13  1:28:30 Elvira KHASANOVA 10 JAN 2000 RUSRUS Sochi (RUS) 18 FEB 2019
14  1:28:40 Laura GARCÍA-CARO 16 APR 1995 ESPESP La Coruna (ESP) 08 JUN 2019
15  1:28:47 Yingliu WANG 01 MAY 1992 CHNCHN La Coruna (ESP) 08 JUN 2019




The course


Someone, fortunately not specialists, intervening on social networks, has suggested that the course was shorter.
Whoever has a smattering of race walking and knows La Coruna (and his Official Measurer) knows that if there is a perfect course in the world it is precisely that of Cantones.
It will have been measured (and re-measured) in the last few years at least seven times, and the the turn-arounds are natural without the possibility of changing.
When years ago the Municipality changed the turn-around North following work on Avenida de La Marina, the Official Measurer succeeded in one night in having the concrete curb South cut to adapt the course exactly to 1.000m.




Those who achieved these performances walked exactly for 20km.
Do not invent ghosts of this kind (fashionable about 30 years ago) to hypothesize discredit on performances.




Split times


Someone, fortunately not specialists, intervening on social networks, hypothesized errors in timing.

In the following photo we present the split times (of which we welcome the coach of Massimo Stano, ITA, Patrizio Parcesepe) lap by lap: the content is self explanatory and is perfectly in line with the official times in the results section.
At 5km Suzuki, Yamanishi and Stano officially passed in 19:34 (in the Stano coach's table: 19:33).
At 10km Suzuki passed in 38:44, while Yamanishi and Stano officially passed in 38:48 (in the Stano coach's table: 19:47).





Number of participants and judges


Rarely outside of China (where the Challenge events are combined with a Chinese national race that has even higher numbers than those seen this weekend) we have seen Challenge races with these presences of athletes.

Frankly we have to say that it is difficult to reconcile a competition with over 200 athletes at the start with a panel of only five judges over a course of 1,000m.
The organizers have therefore rightly modified the time by ending the women's race before giving the men's start.
Other they could not do.
The judges judged a race to be similar to a World Team Championship which usually presents numbers like these at the start, with the difference that in the World Team Championship the judges are 8 and the course is 2,000m.
All people who knows about race walk have clear that at higher speeds correspond for the judges greater difficulties to perceive the phase of flight (no contact).
There are no alternatives at the moment: someone sees the flight phase, someone sees it sometimes and sometimes not, someone does not see it and therefore accepts the advancing pace.
We all know that this can create some imbalance, but there is no need to cry shame for it.
We expect the development of the Race Walking Electronic Control System (i.e, the electronic chip insole technology) linked to the variation of future distances, and this element of potential imbalance should definitely control itself.
Those who have indicated a low number of disqualifications with respect to this number of participants should look to the future with positive eyes.
Being pessimistic about the present is useless.
Let us remember that the same thing happened at the dawn of the "Penalty Rule" which is now accepted by everyone and is an element of self-control. This is also why the disqualifications are decreasing.
We must, however, note the most important impact of marketing points of view: that of an enthusiastic public that has seen men and women battle for up to the last meter for as many as 40 laps.
If race walking is to be publicized, the "format" presented in La Coruna was a success.
If we analyze the pros and cons, at least for the writer, the pros are by far the best winners.



Foto di Dukho Cho - KOR



The surprises




Undoubtedly in women the surprise of the day was the result of Glenda Morejon (ECU). The nineteen-year-old from Ecuador has established a performance that is the best all-time world result of the U20 category.
Mark: 10 for the management of the race, the victory and the result, which turns into first-class honours for having obtained it at the first 20km of her career and above all for having re-written the history of the 20km women U20 all time.

1:25:29 Glenda MOREJÓN 30 MAY 2000 ECUECU La Coruna (ESP) 08 JUN 2019
1:25:30 Anisiya KORNIKOVA-KIRDYAPKINA 23 OCT 1989 RUSRUS Adler (RUS) 23 FEB 2008
1:26:36 Tatyana KALMYKOVA 10 JAN 1990 RUSRUS Saransk (RUS) 08 JUN 2008
1:27:01 Xiuzhi LU 26 OCT 1993 CHNCHN Taicang (CHN) 30 MAR 2012
1:27:16 Hongjuan SONG 04 JUL 1984 CHNCHN Yangzhou (CHN) 14 APR 2003



There are two surprises of the day.
The first Perseus Karlstrom (SWE) capable, just on the day when he loses the World and European seasonal unbeaten record on the 20km, to beat his National Record of Sweden.
Karlstrom with the victory in Alytus (LTU) in 1:19:54 had just updated it on May 19, 2019.
Now 20 days later he updates it again to 1:18:07 (- 1:47).
Mark: 8.5
The second Massimo Stano (ITA).
The Italian athlete suillyshallied in the pre-race with friends on the possibility of a time between 1:19:30 and 1:19:59 as his goal was that of a performance under 1:20:00 which however would have represented a broke of the personal best of 0:52.
In post race he said that after the first km he had felt something different inside himself and understood that it was his day, and therefore despite his coach shouting to him that the long race, he had decided not to let two Japanese go too far.
The result is today an Italian record for the IAAF and an Italian "almost record" for the Fidal statistics in which it is still recognized the 1:17:30 of Alex Schwazer canceled instead by the IAAF.
The splendid improvement of 3:06 remains, however, compared to the presiding personal best of 1:20:45 obtained in Berlin on Aug. 18, 2018.
Mark: 9,5 (10 could be obtained only with the victory).


Respect for the losing opponent
Many times we have seen the winner and won hugging after the finish.
But this bow of respect of Toshikazu Yamanishi towards Massimo Stano who responds according to the custom of Japan, deserves the palm of the photo of the day.
Gestures like this contain in themselves what should always be a "must": the respect of the losing opponent and the embrace with the winner.

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