08/07/2019   Granollers (ESP): Eloy Homero Gallent and Mireia Urrutia Herrera Spanish U20 Champions

Interesting weekend of race walking in Spain where the Spanish U20 Championships took place in Granollers (ESP), with the two walking events on the 10,000m track distance held:

- July 6 at 9:30 for men
- July 7 at 9:30 the female one.
10.000m U20m men track walk
Seventeen athletes at the start.
A group composed of three athletes goes immediately to the head: Pedro Conesa Ceron (ESP), Eloy Homero Gallent (ESP) and Roberto Vieira Perez (ESP).
Leading the group of three is what should be the undisputed favorite of the race: Pedro Conesa Ceron who boasts a personal best on the distance of 45:33:67 (established in Gijon, ESP 23.6.2018) followed by Eloy Homero Gallent (personal best of 45:50.87 established in Getafe, ESP on 25.6.2017).
These are the split times every 1,000m of Pedro Conesa:
- 1.000m: 4:14:80
- 2.000m: 8:40:65 (4: 45.85)
- 3.000m: 13:11:20 (4:30:65)
- 4.000m: 17: 39.05 (4: 27.85)
- 5.000m: 22: 06.15 (4: 27.10)
- 6.000m: 26: 42.26 (4:36:11)
- 7.000m: 31: 14.76 (4:32:50)
- 8.000m: 35: 49.11 (4:34:35)
The unexpected happens between 8,000m and 9,000m. Pedro Conesa is stopped by the jury for 60" in the Penalty Zone and is passed by both Eloy Homero Gallent (at 9,000m in 40:25.12) and by Roberto Vieira Perez. He will have to settle for the bronze medal.
Victory to Eloy Homero Gallent (ESP) in 44:55.78 new personal best (last 1,000m in 4:30.66)
Second place to Roberto Vieira Perez (ESP) in 45:31.06 new personal best (previous of 46:22.35 established in Gijon, ESP on 23.6.2018)
Third place to Pedro Conesa Ceron (ESP) in 45:42.55
Of the 17 athletes at start 12 they completed the race of which 2 with a stop in the penalty zone.
Another 3 after the stop in the penalty zone were disqualified.



10.000m U20m women track walk
Twenty athletes at the start
Mariona Garcia Rovira (ESP) goes immediately to lead the race with Mireia Urrutia Herrera (ESP).
These are the passages of the pair of athletes until mid-race.
- 1.000m: with Mariona Garcia Rovira in the lead at 4:48:55
- 2.000m: with Mariona Garcia Rovira in the lead in 9:45.27 (4:46.72)
- 3.000m: with Mariona Garcia Rovira in the lead in 14:38.50 (4:53.23)
- 4.000m: with Mariona Garcia Rovira in the lead in 19:34.51 (4:56.01)
- 5.000m: with Mireia Urrutia Herrera in the lead in 24:32.17 (4:57.66)
In the second part of the race Mireia Urrutia Herrera continues with her pace as the opponent begins to lose ground.
- 6.000m: 29:31:47 (4:59:40)
- 7,000m: 34:40.44 (5:08.97)
- 8.000m: 39:52.04 (5:11.60)
- 9.000m: 45:03.13 (5:11.09)
Victory to Mireia Urrutia Herrera (ESP) in 50:16.14 (last 1,000m in 5:13.01)
Second place to Mariona Garcia Rovira (ESP) in 51:28.73 new personal best (previous of 52:59.17 established in Murcia, ESP on 23.6.2018)
Third place to Ana Pulgarin Cardeno (ESP) in 52:45.66 personal best.
Of the 20 athletes at the start all have completed the race of which 2 with a stop in the penalty area.
(Photos by Antonio Amigo - ESP)








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