12/07/2019   Naples (ITA): Koki Ikeda (JPN) and Katie Hayward (AUS) win 20km of Universitary Games

A beautiful sunny day with the view of Mergellina acts as a choreography for the 20km that starts at 7:00.

Men and women start together.
20km men
Francesco Fortunato (ITA) immediately takes the lead as he starts to loop the laps on the average of 4:14/km and earns about 10m on the group of pursuers.
Fortunato is leading also to:
- 2km: 8:26
- 3km: 12:39
Just before 4km (16:52) the group of pursuers led by Ikeda reaches Fortunato.
They continue in a group alternating in the leading.
At 5km always Francesco Fortunato is the lead in 21:06
The Italian continues with your back and forth but the group is always there at a short distance.
When the minutes are 32:00 the three Japanese (Koki Ikeda, Masatora Kawano and Yuta Koga) reach Fortunato. A few meters away follow the three Chinese Chen Rui, Yin Jiaxing and Zhang Jun together with Sahin Senodoncu (TUR).
At 10km they are still together and pass in 42:10.
The skirmishes continue until 13km (54:44) when Ikeda and Zhang take the lead.
At this point Ikeda forces the pace and gains a few meters (at 14km: 8"), but the others are right behind.
At 15km Koki Ikeda passes in 1:02:40 and behind him a group of five athletes (1:02:56) like the other two Japanese, Zhang Jun, Senodoncu and Fortunato.
Continue with his pace Ikeda, which will no longer be reached:
- 16Km: 1:06:39
- 17km: 1:10:40, but behind him (1:10:45) there are the other two Japanese, Zhang and Senodoncu.
- 18km: 1:14:42
- 19km: 1:18:45 and now there is a hat-trick for Japan



Victory to Koki Ikeda (JAP) in 1:22:49
Second place to Masatora Kawano (JAP) in 1:23:20
Third place to Yuta Koga (JPN) in 1:23:35
Fourth place to Sahin Senodoncu (TUR) in 1:23:40 new personal best. The athlete represents the real surprise of this race bettering his performance of 2:47. Previously it boasted a personal best of 1:26:27 obtained in Podebrady (CZE) on 9.4.2016.
Fifth place to Francesco Fortunato (ITA) in 1:23:53
Sixth place to Zhang Jun (CHN) in 1:24:00
Seventh place to Karl Junghanns (GER) in 1:24:54
Eighth place to Gregorio Angelini (ITA) in 1:25:49 new personal best. Even for him, who is particularly dedicated to the 50km, an interesting improvement in the 20km of his 1:48 performance. Previously he boasted a personal best of 1:27:37 obtained in Cassino (ITA) on 26.3.2017.
Were DQed: Declan Tingay (AUS - 3 red card contact), Yin Jianxing (CHN - 2 red card contact and  1 bent knee) and Alessandro Antonelli (ITA - 2 red card bent knee and 1 contact).

20km women
The men's competition was as beautiful and interesting as the level of women's competition was not absolutely comparable.
At 5km (23:20), Katie Hayward (AUS) leads with Jemima Montag (AUS), Anezka Drahotova (CZE) and Wang Na (CHN).
Towards 7km (32:38) Wang Na and Anezka Drahotova drop back some meters (+5 ")
At 9km (41:48) the two Australians are still close while Wang Na has risen to third place and Anezka Drahotova is fourth.
Katie Hayward (AUS) the force the pace and will no longer be reached.
Her split times:
- 10km: 46:21
​- 15km: 1:09:35



Victory for Katie Hayward (AUS) in 1:33:30
Second place to Jemima Montag (AUS) in 1:33.57 (the long hug between the two athletes of Australia frankly is the most beautiful thing we have seen in the whole race).
Third place to Anezka Drahotova (CZE) in 1:35:44
Fourth place to Wang Na (CHN) in 1:37:33
Fifth place to Liu Yu (CHN) in 1:38:17
Sixth place to Olena Sobchuk (UKR) in 1:38:40
Seventh place to Mariia Filiuk (UKR) in 1:38:38
Eighth place to Katarzyna Zdzieblo (POL) in 1:38:56