21/07/2019   Boras (SWE): Meryem Bekmez (TUR) and Mikita Kaliada (BLR) new European U20 champions

The two race walk events of the U20 European Championships.


10.000m track walk women

"Veni, vidi, vici" said the ancient Romans in their territorial conquests.
"Veni, vidi, vici" today fits totally with Meryem Bekmez who made what she wanted during the race.
Impressive, stylistically beautiful and above all strong.
Meryem Bekmez (TUR) took the lead immediately, followed by Evin Demir (TUR), Kader Dost (TUR) and Olga Fiaska (GRE).
At about twenty meters follow Ana Pulgarin (ESP), Pauline Stey (FRA), and Hanna Zubkova (BLR).
The first 5.000 meters
- 1.000: in the head the three athletes of Turkey, followed by Olga Fiaska. Pass mark of 4:33.61
- 2.000: the situation has not changed. Pass mark of 9:15.58 (4:41.93)
- 3-000: Hanna Zubkova (BLR) catchedf the top four of the race. The pace became faster. Pass mark of 13:49.21 (4:28:26)
- 4.000: The Belarusian stops immediately following a muscle contraction. Olga Fiaska receives a red card for contact. Meryem Bekmez (TUR) forces the pace and led the race in 18:18:17 (4:48.56)
- at half of the race: the leader's advantage over the pursuers is about 160m. Her passage is 22:44.82 (4:26.65)
The technical situation sees Olga Fiaska and Kader Dost with two red cards (contact). Niamh O’Connor (IRL) has three red cards for bent knee and is stopped in the penalty area.
Evin Demir (TUR) has a red cad for contact.



The second 5,000 meters
- 6.000: Meryem Bekmez (TUR) leads in 27:22.03 (4:24.21) and the other three chase her. Meanwhile, Niamh O’Connor (IRL) was disqualified
- 7.000: while Meryem Bekmez (TUR) passes in 31:38.92 (4:27.89) there is the fact that changes the race. Two of the three athletes of the leader's chasing group (Dost and Fiaska) are stopped in the penalty zone. For Turkey it means the farewell to a hat trick that was prefiguring. Moreover Evin Demir has received the second red card for contact.
- 8.000: Meryem Bekmez (TUR) leads in 36:08.33 (4:29.21). Mariona Garcia (ESP), Paulne Stey (FRA) and Kiriaki Filtisakou (GRE) reach Evin Demir (TUR) in second place.
- 9.000: Meryem Bekmez's triumphal walk (TUR) seems to have no pause. Even in these 1.000m (4:24.63) it has definitely forced the pace and passes to 9km in 40:32.96
- last 1.000m: at 500m to go Meryem Bekmez double the teammate Evin Demir, who in the previous lap had been detached by about ten meters from Kiriaki Filtisakou (GRE) and Mariona Garcia (ESP). She looks into her eyes and forces the pace. Evin Demir (TUR) immediatelu goes behind her and, regardless of the risk of the third red card and penalty, they reach the Greek and Spanish during the last lap.

Victory to Meryem Bekmez (TUR) in 44:44.50 (last 1,000m in 4:11.54)
Second place in Evin Demir (TUR) in 46: 38.68
Third place to Mariona Garcia (ESP) in 46: 50.50 (personal best)
Fourth place to Pauline Stey (FRA) in 47: 09.86 (new France U20 record)
Fifth place tp Kiriaki Filtisakou (GRE) in 47: 13.2
Sixth placeb to Mireia Urrutia (ESP) in 47: 48.93 (personal best)
Seventh place to Kader Dost (TUR) in 48: 06.09
Eighth place to Olga Fiaska (GRE) in 48: 08.07
And the unimaginable becomes reality: two Turkish athletes on the highest steps of the podium (and three in the first eight).
It is truly another day of celebration for Mustafa Akyava┼č.
Four medals between U23 and U20 of which three in women: congratulations!


10.000m track walk men
Heavy rain frames the men's race.
Immediately gi to lead the pack the favorites: Mikita Kaliada (BLR), Riccardo Orsoni (ITA), Lukasz Niedzialek (POL), assiemer to Pavel Olkohovik (BLR) and Andrea Cosi (ITA)
The first 5.000 meters
- 1.000: in the head Pavel Olkohovik (BLR) a 4:24.74
- 2.000: passes to set the pace Mikita Kaliada (BLR) with about ten meters ahead of the others in 8:28:42 (4: 03.68).
- 3.000: always Kaliada in the lead, but the advantage has increased to 40m. He passes in 12:30:87 (4:02:45)
- 4,000: the advantage of Kaliada increases and there is the feeling that it will no longer be reached. His passage was of 16:40.71 (4:09.84). Riccardo Orsoni (ITA), Lukasz Niedzialek (POL) are at about 30m, followed by Pavel Olkohovik (BLR), Andrea Cosi (ITA) and Heloy Hornero (ESP).
- at half race: Kaliada's advantage in 20:48.75 (4:08:04) increases.
The second 5.000 meters
- 6.000: Mikita Kaliada (BLR) leads in 24:53.32 (4:04.57). Riccardo Orsoni took off Lukasz Niedzialek (POL) by a few meters when there are eight laps to go.
- 7.000: Always leading Mikita Kaliada (BLR) in 28:58.82 (4:05.50). Ihor Honcharenko (UKR) with three rec cads per contact was stopped in the penalty zone.
- 8.000: Always leading Mikita Kaliada (BLR) in 33:05.26 (4:06.44). Honcharenko (UKR) received the fourth red card (bent knee) and is disqualified. Pedro Conesa (two red cards for bent knee and one for contact) and Maté Ferenc Varga (HUN) also finish in the penalty area (three red cards for contact)
- 9.000: the situation for the medals seems to be defined. In the lead is always Mikita Kaliada (BLR) in 37:11.81 (4:06.55).

Victory to Mikita Kaliada (BLR) in 41:10.03
Second place to Riccardo Orsoni (ITA) in 41:51.71 (personal best, previous of 42:24.56 obtained in Rome, ITA on 28.4.2019)
Third place to Lukasz Niezialek (POL) in 42:20.66
Fourth place to Andrea Cosi (ITA) in 42:39.91 (personal best, previous of 43: 31.45 obtained in Rieti, ITA on 7.6.2019)
Fifth place for Pavel Olkohovik (BLR) in 42:54.25 (personal best, previous of 43:33.75 obtained in Brest, BLR il 15.6.2019)
Sixth place for Jakob Johannes Schmidt (GER) in 43:00.73 (personal best, previous of 46:44.87 obtained in Gyor, HUN il 6.7.2018)
Seventh place Eloy Hornero (ESP) in  43:24.80 (personal bestprevious of 44:55.78 obtained in Granollers, ESP il 6.7.2019)
Eighth place in Selman Ilhan (TUR) in 43:38.88 personal bestprevious of 44:48.82 obtained in Mersin, TUR il 13.5.2018)


A few words about Italian athletes
Riccardo Orsoni was a favorite for victory and for medals. It has not been denied. He improved his personal best by 0:32.85 in the most important occasion and got the silver. Vote 9.5. (10 only with the victory).
Andrea Cosi was the real positive surprise of the day. He improved his personal best by 0:51.54 on the most important occasion and got a fourth place on the eve, perhaps unexpectedly. Vote 8. If there had been no charge for two red cards (bent knee), it would have deserved 9.
Aldo Andrei was feverish in the days before the race and never entered the race. The positive note is that his technical situation was completely accepted by the jury. Vote 6.5.
In women, Vittoria Giordani obtained the personal best of 0:47.81 with a brilliant technical situation. Rated 7.5.
Something more was expected from Simona Bertini. Also she was burdened by a heavy technical situation (two red cards for bent knee) and finished the race in 16th position. Vote: 6.