22/07/2019   Baku (AZE): Gabriele Gamba wins 10.000m track walk of Eyof 2019

The first final of the day is:

10.000m trak walk U18
A group composed by Gabriele Gamba (ITA), Dimitri Durand (FRA), Mustafa Tekdal (TUR), Dzmitry Shmidt (BLR), Olsin Lane (IRL) and Paul McGrath (ESP) are the first leders of the race.
Paul McGrath (ESP) and Gabriele Gamba (ITA) alternate with the command.
When there are fifteen laps to the end of the race Paul McGrath (ESP) forces the pace but the others follow him after a while.
Split times each 1.000m:

- 1.000m: 4:51:27 (Gamba)

- 2.000m: 9:23.24 (McGrath)

- 3.000m: 13:58.81 (Gamba)

- 4.000m: 18:28.55 (McGrath)

At half race (5.000m in 22:57.54) Paul McGrath (ESP) takes the lead, but immediately behind are Gabriele Gamba (ITA), Mustafa Tekdal (TUR), Oisin Lane (IRL) and to follow the others.



After the 5.000m skirmishes begin at the head of the race.
Paul McGrath (ESP) forces the pace again and only Gabriele Gamba (ITA), Mustafa Tekdal (TUR) and Oisin Lane (IRL) stand behind him. Dzmitry Shmidt (BLR) and Dimitri Durand (FRA) are now out of the fight for medals.
When there are 11 laps to go, Paul McGrath (ESP) forces again and Mustafa Tekdal (TUR) gives up about twenty meters.
The three continue together for about two laps until nine laps to go when Gabriele Gamba (ITA) forces his pace and detaches the other two. Paul McGrath (ESP) is immediately  out of the game while Oisin Lane (IRL) limits the damage to about ten meters.


This continues until five laps from the end, when the jury stops in the penalty area for 60" Oisin Lane  and for Gabriele Gamba the gold medal becomes a reality.
Split times each 1.000m in second half of the race:

- 6.000m: 27:28.60 (Gamba)

- 7.000m: 31:48.15 (Gamba)

- 8.000m: 36:14.38 (Gamba)

- 9.000m: 40:46.44 (Gamba)

- last 1.000m: 4:29.30 (Gamba)

Victory to Gabriele Gamba (ITA) in 45:15.68
Second place to Paul McGrath (ESP) in 45:521.64
Third place to Mustafa Tekdal (TUR) in 46:06.57
Fourth place to Oisin Lane (IRL) in 46:19.37 despite the stop for the penalty 
Fifth place to Jerry Jokinen (FIN) in 46:45.11
Sixth place to Alexandros Mortzakis (GRE) in 46:52.88
The following are the results of Gabriele Gamba, who is coached by former walker Andrea Previtali, in the 2019 season on the 10,000m track walk and 10km road walk.



10.000m track walk



28 APR 2019  Trofeo Ugo Frigerio, Mariano Comense  ITAITA  1.  44:51.80 
22 JUN 2019  Italian U18 Ch., Agropoli  ITAITA  1.  43:52.66 
22 JUL 2019  European Youth Olympic Festival, Baku  AZEAZE  1.  45:15.74



10km road walk



17 MAR 2019  Trophy, Lugano  SUISUI  5.  45:51 
24 MAR 2019  Italian 20km Race Walking Ch., Cassino  ITAITA  1.  45:43 
06 APR 2019  Race Walking Permit Meeting, PodÄ›brady  CZECZE  3.  43:41 
19 MAY 2019  European Race Walking Cup, Alytus  LTULTU  9.  44:19



A brilliant season for the young athlete from Bergamo who still won 4 of the races he participated in and finished in third place one time.