04/08/2019   Lima (PER): Sandra Lorena Arenas wins Pan-American Games in 1:28:03

Rainy day with high humidity.

Huge crowd on the course to encourage athletes
20km women
A group of seven athletes immediately leads the race: Erica Rocha De Sena (BRA), Ilse Ariadna Guerrero Rodarte (MEX), Sandra Lorena Arenas Campuzano (COL), Kimberly Garcia Leon (PER), Karla Johanna Jaramillo Navarrete (ECU), Noelia Vargas (CRC) and Magali Bonilla Solis (ECU).
The split times are as follows:
- 2km: De Sena - 8:52
- 4km: De Sena - 17:41 (8:49)
- 6km: De Sena - 26:28 (8:47)
The 6km are in four to lead the race: Erica De Sena (BRA), Sandra Lorena Arenas (COL), Kimberly Garcia Leon (PER) and Ilse Ariadna Guerrero Rodarte (MEX) who spaced the others by a few seconds.
Technical situation: Karla Johanna Guerrero (1 red crad) and Magali Bonilla Solis (2 red card) Miranda Melville (3 red cards).

The pace of the first ones that have even distanced the Mexican Guerrero Rodarte continues.
- 8km: De Sena 35:16 (8:48) while Arenas and Garcia follow at 1"
Shortly after the 8km Magali Bonilla Solis, ECU is disqualified (4 red cads: 1 bent knee and 3 contacts).
Even Robyn Stevens, USA has 1 red card for knee. In the leading group a red card (knee) for Kimberly Garcia (PER).
At half race the situation at the head of the race does not change: always the three athletes to set the pace. It follows at 22" Ilse Ariadna Guerrero Rodarte (MEX) and then at 52" Noelia Vargas (CRC)
- 10km: De Sena - 44:12 (8:56) but with a red card against him
- 12km: De Sena - 53:00 (8:48). The situation of the three leaders remains unchanged. A 47" the Mexican (Guerrero Rodarte), while Angela Melania Castro Chirivechz (BOL) passes to the fifth position (54:36) after having overcome both Karla Johanna Jaramillo Navarrete (ECU) and Noelia Vargas (CRC).
At 14 km Erica De Sena is still in the lead, but only Sandra Lorena Arenas remains with her, while Kimberly Garcia Leon loses a few meters (5 ”).
- 14km: De Sena - 1:01:51 (8:52)
Miranda Melville (USA) was also disqualified.
Sandra Lorena Arenas (COL) took the lead at 16km after a lap covered in 8:37. Erica de Sena tries to resist, but gives up about 6" (1:10:36) and moreover suffers and a heavy technical situation (3 red cards) and will be stopped in the penalty area. Continue to third position at 28" Kimberly Garcia Leon (1:10:58)
- 16km: Arenas - 1:10:30 (8:37). De Sena - 1:10:36 (8:43)
Now alone at the head of the race Sandra Lorena Arenas (COL) makes a round between 16 and 18km in 8:40
- 18km: Arenas - 1:10:10 (8:40)
Goes in second place Kimberly Garcia Leon (PER) in 1:20:03 distanced by 53".
For a few seconds, despite the 2:00 stop in the penalty zone (she wanted to leave the race, but she was advised to continue), Erica De Sena managed to get back into the race and pass in 1:21:19. Her advantage over Ilse Ariadna Guerrero Rodarte is only 4".
Behind the situation has not changed.

Victory to Sandra Lorena Arenas (COL) in 1:28:03 (last lap in 8:53)

Silver to Kimberly Garcia Leon (PER) in 1:29:00 (season best)

Bronze to Erica Rocha De Sena (BRA) in 1:30:34

Foruth place to Ilse Ariadna Guerrero Rodarte (MEX) in 1:30:54







(all photos thanks to Pierce O'Callaghan - IRL)



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