05/08/2019   Evan Dunfee and Meryem Bekmez athletes of the month of July 2019

The choice of the athlete in July 2019 was to be entirely the result of the performances obtained during the University Games that were held in Naples (ITA) where it took place 20km, during the England Athletics Championships that were held in Bedford (GBR) and finally during the U23 European Championships held in Gavle (SWE)

We must immediately say that the performances obtained were not so interesting as those of the previous months.
In this month, however, many national and international-area Championships have been held in track walk that usually take place on the lower distances (10.000m track walk).
For the nominations of the best athlete of the month we wanted this month to choose, as usual, only the results on the 20km that took place in Leeds, Naples, and Gavle.
But the score level (consequent to the chronometric results) was very far from the standard one of the previous months.
On the other hand, in the 10.000m track races, at least two very interesting results were obtained: in Kamloops (7.7.2019) and in Boras (21.7.2019). Also in San José de Costarica (CRC) where the U20 Pan-American Championships were held on 24.7.2019 an interesting result was achieved in the women's race.
So, exceptionally, this month we agreed to take these results on track for our athlete of the month as well.
Men category
Also this month, despite our decision to expand to 10,000m on track, the score threshold between the first and third athlete is very short.


Date Event Venue Distance Athlete Result
1.7.2019 England Athletics Champs Leeds 20km WILKINSON Callum 1:21:46
7.7.2019 British Columbia Athletics Champs Kamloops 10.000m track DUNFEE Evan 38:54.20
12.7.2019 University Games Napoli 20km IKEDA Koki 1:22:29
14.7.2019 European U23 Championships Gavle 20km MIZINOV Vasiliy 1:21:13
14.7.2019 European U23 Championships Gavle 20km KORKMAZ Salih 1:21:32



Below the result of July 2019:



Pos. Athlete Result Score points
1. DUNFEE Evan 38:54.20 1.177
2. MIZINOV Vasiliy 1:21:13 1.165
3. KORKMAZ Salih 1:21:32 1.158
4. WILKINSON Callum 1:21:46 1.153
5. IKEDA Koki 1:22:29 1.151



Women category



Also in women the entry threshold for nominations is very low and also in women, as already indicated, we have taken into consideration some results on the 10000m on the track.




Date Event Venue Distance Athlete Result
12.7.2019 University Games Napoli 20km HAYWORD Katie 1:33:30
14.7.2019 European U23 Championships Gavle 20km TEKDAL Ayse 1:34:47
21.7.2019 European U20 Championships Boras 10.000m track BEKMEZ Meryem 44:44.50
24.7.2019 PanAmerican U20 Champs S.José de Costarica 10.000m track MOREJON Glenda 44:46.02



Below the result of July 2019.

Definitely the scores are lower than the usual ones, but it is very interesting to note that the title of "Athlete of the month" have been played by two athletes still U20 and that was won by a slender margin (1 point) by the athlete of Turkey, Meryem Bekmez.




Pos. Athlete Result Score points
1. BEKMEZ Meryem 44:44.50 1.096
2. MOREJON Glenda Estefania 44:46.02 1.095
3. HAYWORD Katie 1:33:30 1.077
4. TEKDAL Ayse 1:34:47 1.055



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