06/08/2019   Okinawa (JAP) - The 72nd national high school championships

The 72nd national high school championships were held in Japan on the island of Okinawa in southern Japan between Monday 5 August and Tuesday 6 August.

The race walk revents took place on the distance of 5.000m track walk .
Through our friend and correspondent Koji Hoga Miura we were able to get the results of the top eight finishers that we offer to our readers.
5.000m track walk U18 girls
Victory to Minori YABUTA in 22:49:63 which thus establishes the new personal best (previous of 23:19.48 obtained in Hong Kong, HKG on 15.3.2019)
Second place to Hinase KIKUDA in 23:07:11
Third place to Sakura KANEKO in 23:12:16
Fourth place to Hitomi SHIMOOKA in 23:22:07
Fifth place to Yukiko UMENO in 23:29:57
Sixth place to Ayu ISOBE in 23:34:36
Seventh place to Moegi YANAI in 23:57:93
Eighth place to Nanami SHIBUYA in 23:58:55
5.000m track walk U18 boys
Victory to Kouya MIYAHARA in 22:10:29
Second place to Haruki MANJU in 22:12:36
Third place to Daichi OKU in 22:18:59
Fourth place to Atsushi FUKAYA in 22:21:53
Fifth place to Kanji NAGASHIO in 22:24:65
Sixth place to Kento YOSHIKAWA in 22:29:31
Seventh place to Tsubasa SAKAKI in 22:35:05
Eighth place to Keisuke KANO in 22:41:62

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