11/08/2019   Lima (PER): Claudio Villanueva (ECU) and Johana Ordonez (ECU) win the 50km of Pan-American Games

The last day of the Pan-American Athletics Games is reserved for the two 50km men and women.

50km men
There are 14 the athletes at the start of 50km of the Pan American Games men representing nine Countries.
They are leading in two Andres Chocho (ECU) and Horacio Nava (MEX) who have covered the first 5km in 22:44.
They have a small margin of advantage over Erick Barrondo (GUA - 22:49), Isaac Palma (MEX - 22:53) and Caio Bonfim (BRA - 22:53)
Chocho already has a red card against him (contact) while Martin Bilodeau (CAN) and Jorge Ruiz Fajardo (COL), are charged by a bent knee.
Andres Chocho (ECU) is leading the race with Isaac Palma (MEX) in 45:24 (second 5km in 22:40)
Chocho, however, already has three red cards in his charge (in addition to the first one, other two for bent knee) and will have to stop in the penalty area for 5 minutes. Isaac Palma also is charged by two red card (one for contact and one for bent knee).
Behind them two a few seconds pass Erick Barrondo (GUA), and Horacio Nava (MEX) both in 45:26.
More detached Bernardo Barrono (GUA) and Caio Bonfim (BRA) in 45:45.
Jorge Ruiz Fajardo (COL) was DQed.
The situation at the head of the race has changed.
Horacio Nava (MEX) and Erick Barrondo (GUA) lead the race passing in 1:08:20 (third 5km in 22:54).
Bernardo Barrondo (GUA) is third in 1:08:37
Caio Bonfim is fourth in 1:09:03 followed by Claudio Paulino Villanueva (1:09:21)
Chocho and Isaac Palma re-enter from the penalty zone 11th (1:12:57) and 12th (1:13:18) respectively.
The judges are particularly active. 20 red cards have already been sent (8 for contact and 12 for bent knee).
The situation at the head of the race has changed. Horacio Nava (MEX) forced the pass and only passed at 20km in 1:31:08
Erick Barrondo (GUA) and Claudio Paulino Villanueva (ECU) follow him in 1:31:20.
Bernardo Barrondo (GUA) is fourth in 1:31:42
Luis Henry Campos (PER) is fifth in 1:31:43
Caio Bonfim (BRA) is sixth in 1:31:48
Bernardo Barrondo (GUA) also suffers three red cards per contact and will be stopped for five minutes.
Also Ronald Rey Quispe (BOL) was DOed (three red card for bent knee and one for contact)


DQ posting board at 20km




The situation at the head of the race has changed. Horacio Nava (MEX) is leading together with Claudio Paulino Villanueva (ECU) in 1:54:20 (fifth 5km in 23:12).
Luis Henry Campos (PER) is third in 1:54:22 (two red cards: 1 bent knee and 1 contact). in front of Erick barrondo (GUA) in 1:54:24 (two red cards for contact).
Fifth is Mathieu Bilodeau (CAN) in 1:55:50
Caio Bonfim (BRA) is sixth in 1:55:51
Four other athletes remained in the race, one with three red cards.
Isaac Palma (MEX), Andres Chocho (ECU) and Bernardo Barrondo (GUA) were also disqualified
At the moment 26 red cards were sent (12 for contact and 14 for bent knee).
Also in the lead is Horacio Nava (MEX) and Claudio Paulino Villanueva (ECU) in 2:17:28 (sixth 5km in 23:08).
For third place Erick Barrondo (GUA) in 2:17:39 passed Luis Henry Campos (PER) fourth in 2:17:41 (two red cards: 1 for knee and 1 for contact). But Erick Barrondo has just suffered the third red card and will be stopped in the penalty zone for 5 minutes.
Fifth is Mathieu Bilodeau (CAN) in 2:19:05
Diego Pinzon (COL) in 2:19:57 passed Caio Bonfim (BRA) who passes in 2:19:59.
Claudio Paulino Villanueva (ECU) takes the lead with Horacio Nava (MEX) behind. Split time is 2:40:30 (seventh 5km in 23:02).
Diego Pinzon (COL) with a partial of 22:45 catched Mathieu Bilodeau (CAN) and passes to the third position in 2:42:42, while Bilodeau follows him in 2:42:43.
Caio Bonfim (BRA) is fifth in 2:43:25, while Luis Henry Campos (PER) is sixth in 2:43:46.
Erick Barrondo following the penalty stop slips to seventh place (2:45:41)
Behind him Nick Christie (USA) who after will stop and DNF and Mattew Forges (USA).



Claudio Paulino Villanueva (ECU) forces the pace and passes into the head. Split time is 3:03:48 (eighth 5km in 23:18).
Horacio Nava (MEX) is detached by 10" (3:03:58). He moreover suffers two red cards agaist due to bent knee.
Diego Pinzon (COL) is in third position in 3:05:42
Gaius Bonfim (BRA) is in fourth position in 3:07:35
Luis Henry Campos (PER) is fifth in 3:08:11
Erick Barrondo is sixth in 3:09:44
Mathieu Bilodeau (CAN) stopped at the 35Km


Claudio Paulino Villanueva (ECU) seems to have the victory at hand. His split time is 3:26:49 (nineth 5km in 23:01).
Horacio Nava (MEX) is detached by 26" (3:27:15).
Diego Pinzon (COL) is in third position in 3:28:52 but he too suffers by two red cards like Nava.
Caio Bonfim (BRA) is in fourth position in 3:33:05
Luis Henry Campos (PER) and Erick Barrongo (GUA) have also abandoned the race.
At finish line


Victory to Claudio Paulino Villanieva Flores (ECU) in 3:50:01 (last 5km in 23:13)

Silver to Horacio Nava Reza (MEX) in 3:51:45

Bronze to Diego Juan Pinzon Florez (COL) in 3:53:49

Fourth place to Caio de Sena Bonfim (BRA) in 3:57:54

Fifth place to  Mattew Forgues (USA) in 4:19:28






50km women
There are 10 female athletes at the 50km of the Pan American Games representing five Countries.
Five athletes lead: Mirna Ortiz (GUA), Paola Bibiana Perez (ECU), Mayra Carolina Herrera (GUA), Evelyn Carla Inga (PER) and Johana Ordonez (ECU). Theirsplit time to the first 5km is 25:39.
The situation has not changed. The passage time is 50:56 (seconds 5km in 25:17)
Four athletes are in leading pack. They lost Evelyn Carla Inga (PER) stopped in the penalty area for three red cards (bent knee). The split time of Paola Bibiana Perez leader of the group is 1:16:23 (third 5km in 25:27)
The situation has not changed. The split time is 1:41:58 (fourth 5km in 25:35)
The situation at the top of the race has not changed. The split time is 2:07:35 (fifth 5km in 25:37)
Always in the head Paola Bibiana Perez (ECU) which however was joined by the team mate Johana Ordonez (ECU). The passage time is 2:32:14 (sixth 5km in 24:39).
Mirna Ortiz (GUA) is third in 2:32:14
Mayra Carolina Herrera (GUA) is fourth in 2:32:58
The situation at the head of the race does not change. The passage time of the first two is 2:57:06 (seventh 5km in 24:52).
Third is Mirna Ortiz (GUA) in 2:57:08
Mayra Carolina Herrera (GUA) is fourth in 3:00:01
Everything changed at the top of the race. Johana Ordonez (ECU) increased the pace and took the lead in 3:21:35 (eighths 5km in 24:29).
For second place Mirna Ortiz (GUA - 3:22:01) has detached Paola Bibiana Perez (ECU - 3:22:05)
Mayra Carolina Herrera (GUA) is fourth in 3:22:05
Johana Ordonez (ECU) is always ahead in 3:45:49 (nineth 5km in 24:14).
In second place was Mirna Ortiz (GUA) in 3:48:11
In third place Paola Bibiana Perez (ECU) in 3:48:44



Victory to Johana Edelmira Ordonez Lucero (ECU) in 4:11:12 (last 5km in 25:24)

Silver to Mirna Sucely Ortiz Flores (GUA) in 4:15:21

Bronzoe to Paola Bibiana Perez Saquipay (ECU) in 4:16:54

Fourth place to Viviane Santana Lyra (BRA) in 4:22:46

Fifth place to Elianay Santana Silva Perei (BRA) in 4:29:33
Sixth place to Mayra Carolina Herrera Perez (BRA) in 4:30:52






(all photos by Pierce O 'Callaghan - IRL)
Marcia dal Mondo thanks Pierce that despite being committed to the perfect organization of the event, he has worked with us continuously to provide our readers with a service that we believe has been very accepted.
We owe him, as agreed, six pints of beer.
Thanks for everything Pierce.