21/08/2019   Sergey Bakulin (RUS): 8 years suspension for anomalies in biological passport (ABP case)

Eight years. From 3.4.2019 to 2.4.2027.


This is the duration of the suspension imposed by the Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) on Wednesday  14.8.2019 to Sergey Bakulin for irregularities in his biological passport. 

Once again the disqualification takes place due to irregularities in his biological passport.

The sanction would end in April 2027 when the 32-year-old Russian athlete (born 13.11.1986) will be almost 41 years old.

In fact, it would certainly have ended his career.


Sergey Bakulin had already been suspended for anomalies in his biological passport by the Russian Federation in January 2015, a sanction reshaped in 2016 by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) which had made him lose his world title won in 2011 and his 6th place London Games in 2012, both times over 50km road walk.


Back in the competition in 2016, Sergey Bakulin could only compete on national races, given the suspension of the Russian Federation by the International Federation (IAAF) since November 2015 following a vast doping scandal.


In 2017 amd 2018, the last two years of activity, he had obtained the following results:


Winter Russian Road Walk Championships in Sochi (RUS):

- 18.2.2017: 20km in 1:18:51

- 19.2.2018: 35km in 2:24:53


Summer Russian Road Walk Championships in Cheboksary (RUS)

- 10.6.2017: 20km in 1:20:38

- 9.6.2018: 50km in 3:42:20


As an accessory sanction, the results obtained from 218.5.2018 to 3.4.2019 were canceled, and therefore also the result of Cheboksary 2019  (3:42:20) was canceled.


The Russian walker can still appeal the suspension before the CAS.


In this regard, here is the athlete's statement to the Russian agency TASS:


"I have a strong desire to appeal this decision with the Court of Arbitration for Sport, but everything is about the money at the moment. "I will not be filing an appeal if I fail to raise finances in the short term period."

"I can say for sure, that I am unable to afford the financial sum at the moment, but hope springs eternal and I still have 21 days to file an appeal". "I need to consult with experts because there is still uncertainty and confusion in testimonies."


"I disagree completely with this decision," Bakulin continued. "An independent expert, who worked in the sports of bicycle racing, saw nothing extraordinary in the results, while the prosecution based its accusations on results of football players."

"However, the sports of football and race walk are completely different," Bakulin said. "Moreover, it is worth mentioning that we trained at that time in high mountains, some 2,500 meters above the sea level."