24/08/2019   Voronovo (RUS): the 60th edition thanks to Evgeny Ivanov

Today the capital of race walking of the Republic of Moskovia (RUS), Voronovo, celebrates the 60th year of organization of the classic race walk competition.
The head of the administration of Voronovo, Evgeny Ivanov, a great lover of race walk, has spent many years in this organization.
Among other things, he is a personal fan of Antonella Palmisano who was often present in Voronovo, and won, until the well-known events prevented international athletes from participating.
This year, Evgeny Ivanov has launched a new formula for today:
- athletes (men and women) initially competed in 5km
- and then, for the first time in history, competed in a 4x1000 mixed relay, alternating a male athlete to a female one.
The sunny day with a splendid 21°C temperature completed the picture.
5km women
They started in 12.
Nadejda Sergeeva (RUS) immediately takes the lead, winning the race at 21:10
These are her split times:
- 1km: 4:04
- 2km: 8:22 (4:18)
- 3km: 12:41 (4:19)
- 4km: 16:57 (4:16)
- last km in 4:13
Second place to Marina Pandakova-Novikova (RUS) in 21:24
(4:09 - 8:27 - 12:47 - 17:06 - last km in 4:18)
Third place to Anastasia Taushikanova (RUS) who fought with Yana Smerdova (ANA) up to the 2km covered in 8:59 (4:29 - 4:30) and then finally detached (13:25 - 17:50 - last km in 4:22) to terminate at 22:12.
Fourth Yana Smerdova in 22:36



5km men
Ten athletes at the start.
At 1km there are in the lead four athletes with a very fast km (3:44-3:47). They are in the order: Kiril Frolov (RUS), Maksim Krasnov (RUS), Vasiliy Mizinov (ANA) and Kiril Shutov (RUS).
They are followed by Aleksei Terentev (RUS - 4:08).
At the second km, Maksim Krasnov (RUS) and Vasiliy Mizinov (ANA) are leading the race (split time of 7:26 with the second km in 3:41). Kiril Frolov (RUS) follows in 7:31.
At the 3km, Maksim Krasnov (RUS) and Vasiliy Mizinov (ANA) (11:12 split time with the third km in 3:46) are still leading the race.
Still together the two Russians at 4km (split time of 14:59 with the third km in 3:47).
In the last km we witness, as usual, the definitive change of pace by Mizinov (last km in 3:38) which goes to ensure victory in 18:37.
Second place to Maksim Krasnov (RUS) in 18:45 (last km in 3:46)
Third place to Kirill Frolov (RUS) in 19:02 (last km in 3:49)
Fourth place for Kiril Shutov (RUS) in 19:36 (last km in 3:57)
Needless to say, this performance is of absolute world value although the 5km road walk is not included in the IAAF lists, but only the 5.000m track walk.
Precisely comparing with the distance on track, the results of this afternoon in Voronovo would appear in the world rankings as in the following table

18:32.56 Perseus KARLSTRÖM 02 MAY 1990 SWESWE Melbourne (AUS) 08 MAR 2019
2 18:37 - road Vasiliy MIZINOV 29 DEC 1997 ANAANA Voronovo (RUS) 24 AGO 2019
3 18:45 - road Maksim KRASNOV  10 FEB 1996 RUSRUS Voronovo (RUS) 24 AGO 2019
4 18:57.14 Gianluca PICCHIOTTINO 22 AUG 1996 ITAITA Livorno (ITA) 29 JUN 2019
5 19:02 - road Kirill FROLOV 29 SEP 1993 RUSRUS Voronovo (RUS) 24 AGO 2019
6 19:04.57 Luis Alberto AMEZCUA 01 MAY 1992 ESPESP Pamplona (ESP) 27 JUL 2019





The 4x1000 relay
The most important couples were formed:
- Russia 1: Vasiliy Mizinov and Nadejda Sergeeva
- Russia 2: Kirill Frolov and Marina Pandakova-Novikova
- Chelyabisk reg .: Kiril Shutov and Anastasia Taushikanova
- Russia 6: Maksim Krasnov and Yana Smerdova
- Russia 3: Aleksei Terentev and Anastasia Slivar
1st lap (1km)
Lead the race Kirill Frolov (3:22) followed by Vasiliy Mizinov (3:23)
In third position Maksim Krasnov (3:23) in front of Kirill Shutov (3:25)
2nd lap (2Km)
Nadejda Sergeeva (3:50) brings Russia 1 into the lead and passes in 7:13
Russia 2 is second in 7:15 after the fraction of Marina Pandakova-Novikova (3:53)
In third place was the team from the Chelyabinsk Region (7:24) with the fraction of Anastasia Taushkanova (3:59)
In fourth position Russia 6 (7:41) with the fraction of Yana Smerdova (4:18)
3rd lap (3km)
Vasiliy Mizinov (3:27) consolidates the advantage for Russia 1 passing in 10:40
Kirill Frolov (3:35) is in second place with Russia 2 to 10" (10:50)
Still in third place was the team from the Chelyabinsk Region (11:08) with Kirill Shutov (3:44)
In fourth position Russia 6 (7:41) with the fraction of Maksim Krasnov (3:49)
4th lap (4km)
Nadejda Sergeeva with a fraction of 4:02 brings Russia 1 to victory with a time of 14:42
Marina Pandakova-Novikova with a fraction of 4:07 wins the silver in 14:57
Anastasia Taushkanova with a fraction of 4:08 (and a penalty of 5 ") takes Chelyabinsk's team to bronze in 15:21
In fourth position Russia 6 (15:55) with the fraction of Yana Smerdova (4:25)






Change between Marina Pandakova-Novikova and Kirill Frolov




Change between Anastasia Taushkanova and Kirill Shutov




(Marcia dal Mondo thanks for the co-operation Sergey Nochevnyy - RUS)




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​Change between Yana Smerdova and Maksim Krasnov