26/08/2019   Stockholm (SWE): Karlstrom wins the 2019 Finnkampen with a world-class time (38:03.95)

To get an idea of what the word Finnkampen means in Finland and Sweden, perhaps it would be enough to look carefully at the cover photo.

We believe that at the level of athletics the annual meeting between Finland and Sweden which takes place alternately in the two countries, is important only inferior to the Olympic Games, World Championships and European Championships.

For over 90 years their motto is: "the fight most strong than ever".


10.000m track walk men


Two years ago in Stockholm, Perseus Karlstrom broke the Swedish 10.000m track walk record with 38.57.45. Last year in Tampere, Perseus had a wonderful duel against Veli-Matti Partanen and improved the Swedish record to 38.39.28. This year, Perseus Karlstrom came directly from his St. Moritz high-altitude camp and improved even furher, winning with a new record of 38:03.95. 

Stockholm offered variety with good weather, sun, weak winds and up to 25 degrees. 

Right from the start, Perseus strode to the lead and settled on even km times around 3:50 min/km. After passing the halfway mark in 19:05, he recorded a second half 18:59, with a final km of 3:43. His final time of 38.03.95 was a substantial improvement in his Swedish record of 38.39.28 and Erik Tysse's Nordic record of 38:32.0 (2008). The time was barely eleven seconds from the world record (Javier Francisco Fernandez 37.53.09 2008) and the sixth fastest of all time. Now it is back to St. Moritz to continue the fine tuning before Doha. This was Perseus's seventh straight Finnkampen victory. 

Finland's Aleksi Ojala was second early on but was passed by Ato Ibanez who, in his 16th Finnkampen, took a safe second place with 41:16.01 (personal best: 40:24.99, 2018). Ojala came third at 43:01.32, in front of Joni Hava with 44:18.41 and Jaakko Määttänen with 44:40.81. Sweden won the contest 13-9.





Updated season list of 10.000m track walk:


38:03.95 Perseus KARLSTRÖM 02 MAY 1990 SWESWE Stockholm (SWE) 24 AUG 2019
38:28.05 Massimo STANO 27 FEB 1992 ITAITA Roma (ITA) 28 APR 2019
38:30.61 Dane Alex BIRD-SMITH 15 JUL 1992 AUSAUS Sydney (AUS) 05 APR 2019
38:54.20 Evan DUNFEE 28 SEP 1990 CANCAN Kamloops (CAN) 07 JUL 2019
38:57.94 Christopher LINKE 24 OCT 1988 GERGER Beeskow (GER) 17 AUG 2019
39:00.79 Francesco FORTUNATO 13 DEC 1994 ITAITA Firenze (ITA) 15 JUN 2019
39:18.03 Koki IKEDA 03 MAY 1998 JPNJPN Sagamihara (JPN) 25 MAY 2019
39:31.96 Salih KORKMAZ 14 APR 1997 TURTUR Bursa (TUR) 04 AUG 2019
39:34.40 Álvaro MARTÍN 18 JUN 1994 ESPESP Castellón (ESP) 04 MAY 2019
10  39:37.10 Diego GARCÍA CARRERA 19 JAN 1996 ESPESP Castellón (ESP) 04 MAY 2019





5.000m track walk women

If the men’s walk went to Sweden, Finland dominated the women’s walk, with Elisa Neuvonen (22:58;28), Hele Haapaniemi (23:02.55) and Enni Nurmi (24:36.04) taking the first 3 places.

Overall, Finland won the contest 16-5. 



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