31/08/2019   La Nucia, Alicante (ESP): Alvaro Martin wins the Spanish Championships in 39:33.38

Under the sun of La Nucia (ESP) near Alicante this morning the first of the two walking events of the National Absolute Track Championships of Spain was held: that of the 10.000m men.

10.000m track walk men
Immediately go ahead to make the pace in four: Alvaro Martin (ESP), Miguel Angel Lopez (ESP), Diego Garcia (ESP) and Marc Tur (ESP)
The pace is quite fast and just under 4:00/km.
The quartet continues for the first 5km by mutual agreement.
Always is leading Alvaro Martin with these split times:
- 1.000m: 3:54.31
- 2.000m: 7:47.63 (3:53.32)
- 3.000m: 11:40.12 (3:52.49)
- 4.000m: 15:35.56 (3:55.44)
- 5.000m: 19:33.27 (3:57.77)
Shortly after the middle of the race Alvaro Martin (ESP) and Miguel Angel Lopez (ESP) got slower but nonetheless both Diego Garcia and then Mar Tur fell off about twenty meters.
The passage of the leaders in the next two kilometers is as follows:
- 6.000m: 23:33.40 (4:00.13)
- 7.000m: 27:39.23 (4:05.83)
Between 7km and 8km Alvaro Martin still forces the pace (1.000m in 3:58.24) and passes in the lead at 8.000m in 31:38.07 while Miguel Angel Lopez (ESP) is ten meters behind.
The 9.000m was covered by Alvaro Martin in 35:39.90 (4:01.83 the fraction of 1.000m) with Lopez always behind about ten meters.
However, Alvaro Martin must pay attention to his technical situation: he has charged by two red cards due to loss of contact. In case of  the third red card there would be 60" penallty which could affect his race.
With the last 1,000m covered in 3:53.48, Alvaro Martin (ESP) wins the 2019 Championship Absolute title in 39:33.38 which represents his best seasonal distance performance.
Second place to Miguel Angel Lopez (ESP) in 39:35.03
Third place to Marc Tur (ESP) in 41:55.24
Fourth place and a bit in the shade Diego Garcia Carrera (ESP) in 42:31.21 far from the best seasonal performance (38:37.10) obtained in Castellon (ESP) on 4.5.2019.



(foto by RFEA.ES)