07/09/2019   Lechan (CHN): Victories of Wang Rui and Bai Tiantian in 50km


On the second day of the National Fall Championships in China the 50km (men and women), 30km (U20 men) and 10km U18 competitions are held.
The Chinese morning saw the development of two 50km and 30km.
50km men
A very high number of athletes is presented at the start: 65.
Some of them on the previous day had participated in the 20km are at the start of the 50km: for example the n. 113 Guo Kuizhijia that yesterday arrived 5th finishing the race in 1:23:55.
Probably the reasons refer to the composition of the minimum number of athletes.
Certainly in Europe we are not used to facts like this.
The numbers of the abandon (DNF) are therefore also very high: in the 50km this morning it was exactly 34 that added to the 5 disqualifications (DQ) for non-regular walk meant that only 26 athletes completed the race.
The results were not very brilliant, but they were in line with the conditions of heat and humidity that accompanied the race as on the previous day.
Victory to Wang Rui (CHN) in 3:54:41
The following are spli times each 10km:
10km: 49:18

20km: 1:36:18 - 47:09

30km: 2:22:28 - 46:10

40km: 3:08:03 - 45:35

50km: 3:54:41 - 46:38

Second place to Sun Song (CHN) in 3:56:42
Third place in Zhaxi Yangben (CHN) in 3:57:21
Fourth place to Men Zhongkai (CHN) in 3:58:45 which was the last of the athletes to finish the race under the 4:00:00 am wall.
Fifth place to Gong Fanglong in 4:00:48


50km women
Also in this race an interesting number of athletes at the start, despite the fact that the best did not participate in preparation of Doha.
They start in 19.
Victory to Bai Tiantian (CHN) in 4:25:05.
The athlete who boasts a personal best of 4:14:49 obtained on 9.3.2019 simply won the title without forcing too much.
And even little more than a good workout was the chronometric result (4:27:50) which guaranteed the silver to Yin Han (CHN) which boasts an even more interesting personal best of 4:08:58 obtained in London on 13.8.2017 with second place at the World Championships.
Third place in Chi Meijiao (CHN) in 4:32:58 (she also boasts a much better personal best than 4:22:47 obtained in Huangshan on 9.3.2019)

30km U20 men


Victory to Zhang Yao (CHN) in 2:18:19 getting his second performance of the season.

The U18 World Champion in Nairobi 2017 (41:12.01) and U20 World Champion in Tampere 2018 (40:32.06) this year is already in its third race on the 30km, having already competed on:
- 17.6.2019 in Chifeng where he won in 2:18:31
- 21.7.2019 in Changbaishan where he won in 2:12:20

Second place to Zhu Xiaoqiang (CHN) in 2:19:02

Third place to Yin Jun (CHN) in 2:20:23





Afternoon events



10 km U18 boys

Victory to Li Xingfu (CHN) in 42:27
Second place to Zhao Xiangfei (CHN) in 42:31
Third place to Ma Wenliang (CHN) in 43:14


10 km U18 girls
Victory to Jiang Jinyan (CHN) in 45:45
Second place to NiuZhun Mayingji (CHN) in 46:26
Third place to Ji Jie (CHN) in 47:12



(Marcia dal Mondo thanks for the co-operation Sun Chao - CHN)





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