11/09/2019   Voronovo (RUS): the return to the races with victories by Ivan Noskov and Elmira Alembekova-Ivanova

Voronovo seems to have become another pole for race walk competitions in Russia.

We were used to the names of Cheboksary and Saransk as well as the winter names of Sochi.
Instead in this last part of the season Voronovo (about seventy kilometers from Moscow) is organizing a lot.
No later than 28 August 2019, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the classic autumn race, a race was organized on the 5 kilometers that had seen a great result is Vasiliy Mizinov followed by Maksim Krasnov.
Now we come to the races of the Russian Cup of race walk (entirely in the rain) which saw the return after the 4 years banned period for doping of Elmira Alembekova and Ivan Noskov.
35km men
It was the first race of the day starting at 8:00.
There were only eight athletes at the start, but the result was quite interesting.
Victory to Ivan Noskov (RUS) in 2:34:28
This result puts him in spite of not being able to compete in international competitions for the known reasons, in third place in the seasonal world ranking on the 35km distance, behind Yohann Diniz (FRA - 2:29:28), teammate Dementiy Cheparev ( RUS - 2:31:03), and in front of Sergey Budza (UKR - 2:34:49) and Massimo Stano (ITA - 2:35:03)
Second place to Pavel Parshin (RUS) in 2:44:46
Third place to Artem Trifonov (RUS) in 2:47:42
35km women
Three athletes at the start and all finished the race.
Victory to Anastasia Kalashnikova (RUS) in 3:04:52
Second place to Kristina Kudinova (RUS) in 3:10:47
Third place to Anastasia Shepeleva (RUS) in 3:13:33
20km men
Fifteen athletes at the start.
The victory went to a new name in the Russian race walk: Aleksandr Garin (RUS) who finished the race in 1:22:27.
This performance represents for him the new personal best (previous 1:22:59 obtained in Cheboksary, Russia on 15.6.2019 with the fifth place in the Russian Summer Championships.
Second place went to Yevgeniy Dobrynkin (RUS) in 1:23:07 (also to the personal best; previous 1:24:48 obtained in Cheboksary, Russia with the seventh place on 15.6.2019)
Third place for Kirill Frolov (RUS) in 1:23:48
Thirteen athletes finished the race and 2 DQs
20km women
Eleven athletes at the start.
Victory to Elmira Alembekova-Ivanova (RUS) in 1:30:51 far away from the personal best of 1:24:47 obtained in Sochi (RUS) on 27 February 2015.
Second place to Sofya Timoshenko (RUS) in 1:33:20 who got the personal best (previous 1:36:42 obtained in Sochi, RUS on 28 February 2019), but above all in clear improvement of the time obtained in Cheboksary the 15.6.2019 (1:40:21)
Third place to Marina Pandakova-Novikova (RUS) in 1:34:19 very far from the personal best of 1:25:03 obtained in Sochi (RUS) on 28 February 2015
The results of the categories U20, U18 and U16 in the list of results in the respective section.

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