08/10/2019   Vienna (AUT): Eva Čanadi (SLO) at the new national record of Slovenia on the 20km

The Austrian 50 km open championships took place on the main avenue of the Vienna Prater on Saturday 5 October.


In the context, all the lower distances (5,10,20 and 30 km) were also inserted, in which 34 athletes from Austria, Croatia, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovenia took part.


The technically better result however was not established in the 50 km (won by the Austrian Roman Brzezowsky in a poor 5:11:57), but in the female 20 km.


Slovene junior Eva Čanadi from Koper (trained by Trieste-born Fabio Ruzzier, who is the national leader of race walk in Slovenia), set the new Slovenian national record with a time of 1:48:18, improving it by over 6 minutes (before 1:54:23 , established on 6 October 2018 by the same athlete on the same course).


The athlete has also established the absolute best time, even better than the males, where the Czech Tomas Vojtisek prevailed with a time of 1:52:39. Another national record was established by the U18 from Velenje (Slovenia) Jaka Grabner who in 10km set the time of 50:56 (previous of 53:26 established  on March 23rd this year at Dudince).


It should be noted that the Slovenian athletes have prevailed in all the competitions, in which they took part. 

For Čanadi, who this year made a big leap in quality, this is the eighth national record set this season after the records in the 3000m indoor (16:18.5), 3000m outdoor (14:57.37), three times in the 5000m up to the recent 25:30.39, in 10.000m track walk (55:26.13) and in 10km (53:29, but improved during the recent 20km with the passage of the second 10km in 53:15). 

If they're roses they'll bloom.





Full resulkts in the section Results or directly download from this link: click here






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