20/10/2019   Taihu (CHN): Perseus Karlstrom and Liu Hong win the first stage

Quite hot day with a temperature of almost 23 ° C and high humidity.

 The route is usually the traditional one with a round trip of 10km.
 20km men
 Punctual departure and immediately the group of about 200 athletes (including the U20 who compete for the Provinces of China) is on the way.
 At the first km, Alexander David Hurtado (ECU) takes the lead, leading the race to over 17km.
 He is joined by Perseus Karlstrom (SWE).
 Karlstrom increases the pace and soon gains about fifty meters on
 Meanwhile, Andres Chocho has joined his teammate and is in second place.

 The others follow at a distance.
 Perseus Karlstrom goes on to win in 1:22:23
 Second place for Andres Choco in 1:23:11
 Third place for Alexander David Hurtado (ECU) in 1:23:19
 Fourth place for Esteban Soto (COL) in 1:23:23
 Fifth place for Isaac Palma (MEX) in 1:23:40
 Team classification
 1.- UMARA Team (Hurtado, Chocho, Castaneda, Ibanez, Karlstrom): 4:11:32
 2.- Red Caciente (Soto, Palma, Snyman, Losev, Subramaniam): 4:14:04
 3.- China 1 (Bian, Chen, Sun, Huang, Zha): 4:18:06
 4.- China-Yunnan (Cui, Gong, Xiu, Yin, Zhang): 4:18:18

Perseus Karlstrom, Andres Choco e Alexander David Hurtado
 20km women
 Liu Hong (CHN) immediately took the lead followed by Li Maocuo (CHN) and Ma Zhengxia.
 Towards the 16km Liu Hong stretches and Li Maocuo (CHN) detaches Ma Zhengxia (CHN).
 More behind Erica De Sena
 Victory for Liu Hong (CHN) in 1:29:53
 Second place for Li Maocuo (COL) in 1:30:24
 Third place for Ma Zhengxia (CHN) in 1:31:25
 Fourth place for Erica De Sena (BRA) in 1:31:52
 Fifth place for Yohana Edelmira Ordonez in 1:33:16
 Team classification
 1.- China 1 (Qiji, Ma, Li, Lu, Wang): 4:35:59
 2.- The dreamers (De Sena, Kashina, Madarasz, Yudkina): 4:39:36
 3.- Brave Warmis (Beletew, Pereira, de Sena, da Rosa, Arenas): 4:43:54
 4.- CHN 2 (Duan, Gesang, Li Maocuo, Here, Su): 4:49:11