25/10/2019   Wuhan (CHN): Three victories of China in World Military Championships

The 7th World Military Championships are underway in Wuhan, the most populous city in eastern China and capital of the province of Hubei.


138 nations participate in the event. The disciplines in the program are 31.

The nations already on the podium are 53.


Several athletes returning from the Doha World Championships, including some medalists, participated in the athletics that took place from 22 to 27 October.


Today, October 25, the men's and women's 20km road walk events and the men's 50km took place.

Full success of China with 3 victories.



20km women


Easy success for the London 2017 World Champion, but this year she was disqualified in Doha, in a time for her little more than a training session (1:30:03)

The Chinese athlete, always at the top of the race, walked with the following split times each 2km:

- 2km: 8:37

- 4km: 17:24 (8:47)

- 6km: 26:18 (8:54)

- 8km: 35:14 (8:56)

- 10km: 44:17 (9:03)

- 12km: 53:29 (9:12)

- 14km: 1:02:47 (9:18)

- 16km: 1:12:06 (9:19)

- 18km: 1:21:13 (9:07)

- last 2 km in 8:50


Second place to the teammate Yin Hang (CHN) in 1:33:16

Third place to Teresa Zurek (GER) in 1:37:44








20km men


It was the race with the highest number of athletes at the start (twelve) and also very tight with a final triller.

Five athletes immediately took the lead: Caio Bomfim (BRA), Xu Hao (CHN), Aliaksandr Liakhovich (BLR), Viktor Shumik (UKR) and Nathaniel Seiler (GER).

Split times per lap up to 10km see an alternation of athletes in the lead.

- 2km: 8:25 (leads Caio Bonfim)

- 4km: 17:04 (8:39 - leads Xu Hao)

- 6km: 25:28 (8:14 - leads Aliaksandr Liakhovich)

- 8km: 33:52 (8:24 - leads Nathaniel Seiler)

- 10km: 42:05 (8:13 - leads Aliaksandr Liakhovich)


The next lap Aliaksandr Liakhovich marks an excellent 8:00, but the red cards of the jury start to come against him.

The following laps are as follows:

- 12km: 50:05 (8:00 - leads Aliaksandr Liakhovich)

- 14km: 58:01 (7:56 - leads Xu Hao)

- 16km: 1:06:01 (8:00 - leads Aliaksandr Liakhovich)


Between 16 and 18km Aliaksandr Liakhovich is disqualified with 4 red cards due to loss of contact and at 18km Caio Bonfim takes the lead in 1:14:13 (8:12) with Xu Hao shoulder to shoulder.

Afterwards, Caio Bonfiim was also disqualified (he was penalized in the Penalty Zone for 2 minutes also in Doha) for the direct red card (at 20m before the arrival).


Victory to Xu Hao (CHN) in 1:22:18 (with a last lap of 2km in 8:05).

Second place to Viktor Shumik (UKR) in 1:23:18

Third place to Miroslav Uradnik (SVK) in 1:24:16








50km men


Only three athletes at the start but an extremely interesting race.

Victory to Wang Qin (CHN) who trains in Italy with Sandro Damilano, and second place to Dzmitry Dziubin (BLR).

The race was characterized by the duel between the Chinese and the Belarusian. It was a tight fight head-to-head up to the 45th km. where Wang Qin produced the final effort to detach his rival by 1:18. Both had competed in Doha with unsatisfactory results: both had retired.





Split times every 10km:

- 10km: 47:05 (leads Dzmitry Dziubin)

- 20km: 1:32:42 (45:37 - leads Wang Qin)

- 30km: 2:18:33 (45:51 - leads Wang Qin)

- 40km: 3:05:05 (46:32 - leads Wang Qin)

- last 10km in 46:51


Victory to Wang Qin (CHN) in 3:51:56

This year, in March, Wang Qin obtained the best time in the world (3:38:02) in the selection competition for the Doha World Championships in Huangshan, which would have been improved only by Yohann Diniz (3:37:43) with his victory in the European Cup in Alytus (LTU) on 19.5.2019.


Second place to Dzmitry Dziubin (BLR) in 3:53:14

Third place to Sergey Budza (UKR) in 4:26:03 (among other things after a break in the Penalty Zone of 5:00 minutes).





Full results in the section Results or directly download from this link: click here