26/10/2019   Zagreb (CRO): Ivana Renic gets the new record of Croatia on 20km

The 14th meeting in memory of Ivan Starek was held Saturday in Zagreb (CRO), combined with the unique test of the Croatian Championships.

The championships were organized by the Atletski Klub Agram to which Kresimir Jurlin belongs, to whom much is due for the development of race walk in the young Balkan republic.
Not many athletes competing in the two Olympic trials, but a result of good interest in that of women.
20km men
Victory for Bruno Erent (CRO) in 1:34:46
Second place to Jiruca Stanko (CRO) in 2:00:34
Third place to Ivan Graberec (CRO) in 2:08:52
20km women
Victory for Ivana Renic (CRO) in 1:34:48
The 23-year-old Croatian athlete has succeeded in trying to improve the new record of her Country that she already belonged to and that she had established last 20.4.2019 in Alexandropoulis (GRE) during the Balkan Championships.
Below the progression of the young Croatian athlete from 2015 up today:



2019 1:34:48 Zagreb (CRO) 26 OCT 2019
2018 1:37:15 Dublin (IRL) 07 DEC 2018
2017 1:46:36 Borsky Mikulás (SVK) 22 APR 2017
2016 1:52:41 Dudince (SVK) 19 MAR 2016
2015 2:00:31 Dudince (SVK) 21 MAR 2015



Second place in the Ivan Starek Meeting to Barbara Kovacs (HUN) in 1:36:29
Third place in the Meeting Ivan Starek to Rita Recsei (HUN) in 1:42:13 which just preceded Sara Vitiello (ITA) in 1:42:29.
In the Croatian Championships second place to Klara Krenek (CRO) in 2:00:42
In the Croatian Championships third place to Mateja Erceg (CRO) in 2:05:43
10km U20 men (Meeting Ivan Starek)
Victory for Norberth Toth (HUN) in 48:53
Second place, but Croatian Champion, to Hresimir Hartl (CRO) in 59:43
Third place to Tomislav Mikic (CRO) in 1:05:59
5km U20 women (Meeting Ivan Starek)
Victory for Eli Pevec (CRO) in 27:31
Second place to Petra Stefanovic (CRO) in 29:11
Third place to Lucija Kozina (CRO) in 36:11