27/10/2019   Takahata (JPN) - Other events of All Japan Championships

The other races of the day:
50km women
Only four athletes at the start.
Undisputed victory for Yuki Yoshizumi (JPN) in 4:27:51
These are her split times each 5km.
- 5km: 25:56
- 10km: 52:06 (26:10)
- 15km: 1:18:06 (26:00)
- 20km: 1:44:22 (26:16)
- 25km: 2:11:01 (26:39)
- 30km: 2:37:57 (26:56)
- 35km: 3:04:56 (26:59)
- 40km: 3:32:25 (27:31)
- 45km: 3:59:51 (27:26)
- last 5km: 28:00 for a final of 4:27:51
Second place in Serena Sonoda (JPN) in 4:39:07
Third place to Natsu Kurahara (JPN) in 4:40:40.




20km men
Eighty-five athletes at the start of the most numerous race of the day.
- at 5km
Yuta Koga (JPN), Fulitaka Oikawa (JPN) are leading the race along with Ryutaro Yamamoto (JPN) who set a time of 20:05.
Behind them spaced 13" is Katsuji Suzuki (JPN) (20:18).
The others more spaced.
- at 10km
Only Yuta Koga (JPN) and Ryutaro Yamamoto (JPN) continue to lead the race and have moved to mid-race in 40:38 (seconds 5km in 20:33). Katsuji Suzuki (JPN), on the other hand, has passed in 40:43 with a distance of only 5".
- at 15km
Yuta Koga (JPN) continua with his the pace and pass at 15km in 1:01:12 (third 5km in 20:34).
The two chasers are paired and spaced 9" (1:01:21)
- last 5km
Yuta Koga covers the last 5km in 20:47 and goes on to win in 1:21:59
Second place went to Katsuji Suzuki (JPN) in 1:22:24
Third place to Ryutaro Yamamoto (JPN) in 1:22:59
The race ends in 70 athletes with 6 DNFs and 9 DQs including Fulitaka Oikawa (JPN).


20km women
Twenty-one athletes at the start.
Victory for Kaori Kawazoe (JPN) in 1:34:48
These are his split times each 5km:
- 5km: 23:09
- 10km: 46:45 (23:56)
- 15km: 1:10:30 (23:45)
- last 5km in 24:09
Second place to Ai Michiguchi (JPN) in 1:36:58
Third place to Maika Yagi (JPN) in 1:37:19
10km U20 men
Victory for Yuuta Murakoshi (JPN) in 44:48 (first 5km in 21:51)
Second place to Natsuki Takashima in 46:24 (first 5km in 22:45)
Third place to Rhuta Ishido (JPN) in 46:35 (first 5km in 22:44)
10km U20 women
Victory for Yuumi Nemoto (JPN) in 49:55 (first 5km in 24:39)
Second place to Asaki Shishida in 50:26 (first 5km in 25:04)
Third place to Natsuki Onai (JPN) in 50:27 (first 5km in 25:06)

(Co-operation and photos by Tomoya Ishii and Akihiro Sugimoto - JPN)




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