01/12/2019   Melbourne (AUS): Rhydian Cowley wins the 50km Australian Championships


The Australian 50km race walk championships took place today in Melbourne in Fawner Park with some other events.
50km men
The early pace of the race was dictated by Perseus Karlstrom (SWE) who led the race up to 40km and then gave way conspicuously and finally DNF. The same athlete also competed with the other European athlete: Christopher Linke.
Jared Tallent (AUS) left because of the after-effects of an illness, but preferred to stop shortly after 10km.
The victory went to Rhydian Cowley (AUS) in 3:52:58 good time for his long-distance debut race.
The athlete from Australia crowns this way with the victory of the Australian Champion title of the 50km a season finale that had already seen him on the shields in China where he had obtained an excellent third place in the final classification of Around Taihu 2019.
Second place went to Dylan Richardson (AUS) in 4:22:24
Third place in Brendon Reading (AUS) in 4:28:42
Split times of some athletes


Athlete 10km 20km 30km 40km 50km
Rhydian Cowley 46:32 1:32:11 2:18:10 3:03:03 3:52:58
Dylan Richardson 49:20 1:39:20 2:29:20 3:23:27 4:22:44
Brendon Reading 48:24 1:36:53 2:28:08 3:28:08 4:28:42
Perseus Karlstrom 44:56 1:29:24 2:13:51 2:59:07 DNF
Christophewr Linke 47:18 1:33:09 2:16:54 - DNF
Jared Tallent 50:25 - - - DNF




50km women
The only woman at the start Tracey Feiner (AUS) fought a long time with the time trial and in the end she managed to be crowned Australia champion in 4:59:32 well below the maximum limit set by Athletics Australia for the title (5:30: 00).




20km men


Tom Bosworth (GBR) and Kyke Swan (AUS) staged a great battle early on in the men’s 20km, before Tom surged clear in the second half to win with 1:22:50.


Victory to Tom Bosworth (GBR) in 1:22:54

Second palce to Kyle Swan (AUS) in 1:23:54 (personal best)

Third palce to Tyler Jones (AUS) in 1:25:42 (personal best)


Split times



Athlete 10km 20km
Tom Bosworth 41:43 1:22:50
Kyle Swan 41:57 1:23:53
Tyler Jones 42:42 1:25:42








20km women



Exciting from the start the 20km women, with the three Australians in particular in the early stages of the race, then finishing them in less than a minute.


Victory to Beki Smith (AUS) in 1:37:07

Second palce to Jemima Montag (AUS) in 1:37:22

Third palce to Rachel Tallent (AUS) in 1:37:44


Split times



Athlete 10km 20km
Beki Smith 48:03 1:37:07
Jemima Montag 48:25 1:37:22
Rachel Tallent 47:48 1:37:44







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