03/12/2019   San Luis (PER): Victories of Mary Luz Andia and Cesar Augusto Rodriguez in Nacional Cup 2019

From November 29 to December 1, 2019, in the city of San Luis in Perù took place the National Cup.

There were two race events, both on the 10,000m distance on track.
10,000m women track walk
The usual fight between the three favorites of the race, Mary Luz Andia, Evelyn Inga and Leyde Guerra resolved in favor of the first.
The young U20 of Peru (date of birth 9.11.2000) that this year in La Coruna had stopped the clock in 1:30:50 reaching 16th and earning the entry standard to Tokyo 2020, was the clear indiscussed leader and she won with a race in the lead from start to finish.
The final result: 45:08.83 represents the new U20 national record (previous 45:22.09 obtained by Mary Luz Andia with the second place at the Panamerican Championships U20 in San José de Costra Rica on 21.7.2019)
Second place to Evelyn Inga (PER) in 46:01.58
Third place to Leyde Guerra (PER) in 46:47.24



10,000m men track walk
Also in the men's race there was a test completely in the head of the winner Cesar Augusto Rodriguez (PER) who won in 41:54.14 his second performance ever on the distance after the personal best of 41:01.71 obtained in Lima, PER the 25.4.2015.
Second place to Pavel Ivar Chihuan (PER) in 43:21:54
Third place to Jocobi Erik Carhuallanqui (PER) in 43:53.04





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