04/12/2019   Hinchu (TPE): national Championships of Chinese Taipei

Although late, thanks to Anett Torma (in turn thanks to Mr. Teng Kuo-Kay, CTTFA) we learned of the conduct of the Chinese Taipei National Championships that took place in the city of Hsinchu on Nov 16, 2019.

Hinchu is a city of about half a million inhabitants, north of the island of Taiwan situated on the Strait of Formosa and named, because of its windy climate: "the windy city" -
20km men
Victory for the most representative athlete of Chinese Taipei, Chang Wei-Lin who this year in Tokyo in the race at the beginning of the year on 1.1.2019 obtained the personal best of 1:28:35.
A Hsinchu Chang Wei-Lin (TPE) had no difficulty in winning in 1:31:32
Second place in Hsu Chia-Wei (TPE) in 1:33:59
Third place in Chang Wei-Jui (TPE) in 1:35:31
20km women
Victory for Wu Yu-Hsin (TPE) in 1:52:32
Second place to Wang Yu-Ling (TPE) in 1:56:35
Third place to Liu Yi-Hsuan (TPE) in 1:58:09;
Also included in the championships were high school youth competitions over the 10km distance
10km U18 boys
Victory for Li Sheng-Ching (TPE) in 47:21
Second place to Fang Wen-Kai (TPE) in 48:42
Third place to Chan Yung-Kuei ((TPE) in 50:13;
10km U18 girls
Victory for Huang Chih-Yi (TPE) in 53:22
Second place to Liu Yu-Chen (TPE) in 56:08
Third place to Huang Pei-Yi (TPE) in 56:28

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