08/12/2019   2019 Nagasaki Land Kyodo Tournament

Still numerically interesting contests in Japan where the Nagasaki Land Kyoto Tournament of race walking, opened also in high and low schools, this morning (local time) in Nagasaki.

The races took place on the Sasebo stadium track with numbers that are difficult to think of in Europe, particularly in this part of the season:
- 10.000m open men: 20 starters
- 10.000m open women: 10 starters
- 5.000m High School men: 39 starters divided into two timed sessions (17 + 22)
- 5.000m High School women: 31 starters
- 5.000m middle school men: 21 starters
- 5.000m middle school women: 17 starters
10.000m track walk open men
Victory for Eiki Takahashi (JAP) in 38:28.19 which also boasts the Tournament record (38:01.49 dating back to 2016
Second place to Tomohioto Noda (JPN) in 39:15.61
Third place to Hiroto Zhousho (JPN) in 39:18.63
Three other athletes finished the race under the mark of 40: 00.00
Fourth place to Satoshi Maruo (JPN) in 39:56.57
Fifth place to Yutaro Murayama (JPN) in 39:56.65
Sixth place to Taluni Suzuki (JPN) in 39:58.21



10.000m track walk open women
Victory for Kumiko Okada (JPN) in 42:51.82 which also sets Japan's new record on distance. The former belonged to Masami Kawamata (JPN) with a time of 43:01.60 and dated back to 2010.
Second place to Matsumoto Sayuri (JPN) in 50:18.34
Third place to Takeuchi Mari (JPN) in 50:51.25



5.000m track walk High School U20 men
Victory to Mukai Gaga (JPN) in 20:12.51
Second place to Wake Koutarou (JPN) in 21:53.23
Third place to Riku Fujita in 21:54.09
5.000m High School U20 women
Victory to Yumeko Umeno (JPN) in 22:46.19
Second place to Okada Moe (JPN) in 24:38.66
Third place to Riko Touyama in 24:59.42
(photos by Fumio Morimoto - JPN)