31/12/2019   Saransk (RUS): Vctories of Yelena Lashmanova and Aleksey Kudashkin

There were about 300 participants in the Open indoor racewalking championship of the Republic of Mordovia in memory of German Skurygin.

There were 7 age categories and 4 distances:
* 1997 year of birth and older - 5000m
* 1998-2000 year of birth - 5000m
* 2001-2002 year of birth - 5000m
* 2009 year of birth and younger - 1000m
* 2007-2008 year of birth - 2000m
* 2005-2006 year of birth - 3000m
* 2003-2004 year of birth - 3000m

5000m indoor walk women


London Olympic champion Yelena Lashmanova (RUS) clocked 20:35.8 over 5000m to win Mordovian indoor race walk championships in memory of German Skurigin.
Second place to Yuliya Turova (RUS) in 21:01.8
Third place to Vera Sokolova-Vasilyeva (RUS) in 21:02.0
The latter returned to racing after serving the doping suspension period. Her last race was on 13.6.2015 at the Cheboksary Russian Championships when she was disqualified.





5000m indoor walk men


Victory to Alexey Kudashkin (RUS) who clocked 18:43.0. 
Second place to Sergey Kozhevnikov (RUS) in 18:47.13
Third place to Roman Evstifeyev (RUS) in 19:11.9









5000m indoor U20 walk women



Victory to Margarita Nikiforova (RUS) who clocked 22:02.07 

Second place to Darya Golubechkova (RUS) in 22:44.7
Third place to  Sofia Timoshenko (RUS) in 23:39.8
5000m indoor U20 walk men



Victory to Ilkayev Salavat (RUS) who clocked 19:27.3 

Second place to Sergey Rakov (RUS) in 19:30.9
Third place to  Alekander Garin (RUS) in 19:36.7
(Thanks for the co-operation to Maris Peterson - RUS)

In the middle of the group the Sport Minister of Republic of Mordovia Aleksandr Savilov and the director of the centre of Saransk Vera Nacharkina