03/01/2020   Hong Kong (HKG): the first race 2020

Hong Kong also hosted its first race race in 2020.

The event, called "The First Walk", took place on the new Pan Shek Kok Promenade course with the following scheduled races:
- 50km open (men and women): 8:30 
- 20km open (men and women): 9:00 
- 10km U20 open (men): 10:30
- 6 hours relay (3 athletes per team): 9:30
The day had an ideal temperature of 17°C without wind and with clear skies
50km men
Victory for Tse Chun-hung (HKG) in 4:39:15
Second place to Cheung Wai-Tak (HKG) in 4:47:32
Third place to Wong Kai-chung (HKG)
Six athletes at the start: five finished the race and 1 DNF


50km women
Victory for Kwok Chin-ha (HKG) in 5:40:51
Second place to Lo Po-man (HKG) in 6:03:03
Third place to Ng Chu-Yi (HKG) in 6:17:16
Six athletes at the start: four finished the race, 1 DNF and 1 DQ


20km men
Victory for Fu Chi-wing (HKG) in 2:09:28
Second place to Lam Man-biu (HKG) in 2:18:14
Third place to Liu Tak-ming (HKG) in 2:19:50
Eight athletes at the start: seven finished the race and 1 DQ
20km women
Victory for Cheung Ngun-mei (HKG) in 2:37:18
Second place to Wong Sui-fong (HKG) in 2:53:49
Third place to Lam Yun-king (HKG) in 2:58:03
Three athletes at the start and all three finished the race


10km U20 men
Victory for Lai Yuk-cheung (HKG) in 56:24
Second place to Lam Tse-Nok (HKG) in 1:16:55
Three athletes at the start: two finished the race and 1 DQ


Relay 6 hours
Victory to the team composed by Daniel Cheung, Catherine Kwab, Kan Cheung who covered 52 laps
Second place to the team composed by Angel Chung, Alex Sze, Liu Chow who covered 47 laps
Third place for the team composed by Winnie Lo, Linda Fung, Edwin Ma who covered 45 laps
(Photo credit:香港競走社 - Hong Kong Race Walking Association)