04/01/2020   Parma (ITA): Federico Tontodonati won in the first indoor race of the season in Italy

At starts the season 2020 of indoor walking also in Italy in a race valid for the AICS Championships.
The Sports department of the AICS National Directorate, in collaboration with the AICS Emilia Romagna Regional Committee, the AICS Provincial Committee of Parma, organized the first edition of the AICS Indoor Open Athletics Championship at the Palaottici indoor athletics facility.

In Parma indoor facility on the unusual distance for the men of the 3,000n indoor this morning there was the seasonal debut among others for Federico Tontodonati (ITA) and Riccardo Orsoni.
From this year the two athletes are training companions, given that Tontodonati also passed under the technical guidance of Alessandro Gandellini.
3.000m indoor men
The victory went to Federico Tontodonati (ITA) with a mark of 11:33.13 which also represents the personal best in this unusual distance. Tontotonati also boasts on the outdoor track a mark of 11:33.13 obtained in Chiuro (ITA) on 11.9.2010
Second place today for Riccardo Orsoni (ITA) neo U23 in 12:12.15 also this new personal best of the athlete on the unusual distance. Last year Orsoni had performed on 13.1.2019 on the same indoor facility in Parma 12:25.05. On the outdoor track Orsoni's personal best is 11:54.4 obtained in Bergamo (ITA) on 20.6.2019.
Third place to Giorgio Giuliani (ITA) in 12:52.96.

Below the list in 3.000m indoor walk at the start of the season


  Mark Competitor Nat Venue Date
11:33.13 Federico TONTODONATI ITAITA Palalottici, Parma (ITA) 04 JAN 2020
12:01.6h Vladimir BOGDANOV RUSRUS Moskva (RUS) 03 DEC 2019
12:12.65 Riccardo ORSONI ITAITA Palalottici, Parma (ITA) 04 JAN 2020
12:52.96 Giorgio GIULIANI ITAITA Palalottici, Parma (ITA) 04 JAN 2020
13:16.54 Steffen BORSCH GERGER LA-Halle Brandberge, Halle (GER) 08 DEC 2019


3.000m indoor women
Victory to Lucia Battaglia (ITA) in 17:02.19
Second place to Anna Maria Famea (ITA) in 21:43.07
In the U18 events victory to Davide Colonnello (ITA) in boys (15:24.45) and to Elisa Giuliani (ITA) in girls (16:51.67).