07/01/2020   Marcia dal Mondo in the year 2019

Today, with the closure of the Christmas and New Year holidays, we want to thank our readers for the attention they have had towards Marcia dal Mondo.
Generally specialist websites measure themselves on the following parameters:
- Users: value that represents the number of users who have started at least one session over the period
- Sessions: the total number of sessions in the date range. A session corresponds to the period of time during which the user interacts with the website or app
- Pageviews: the total number of pages viewed which also includes repetitive page views
- Bounce rate: is the ratio between single-page sessions divided by all sessions or the percentage of all sessions on your site where users have viewed only one page and have activated only one request to the server
In all these parameters we have been able to improve in 2019 compared to 2018.
The number of users stood at 21.584 (+ 17.3%), the number of sessions stood at 71.447 (+ 13.5%), the number of page views (146.942) remained almost constant (+0,7%).
Unfortunately the bounce rate worsened (-7.0%) from 63.0% (to 67.4%) of users who stopped at the login page and did not deepen the analysis of the other pages on the site.
In this regard, we wish to remind you that the sections of interest that are constantly updated are:
- Results: on the site you can find all the most important results of the march since 2006
- History: the history of the Olympic Games, the World Championships of all categories, the European Championships and the Pan-American games and Pan-American Cups. These pages are accompanied by statistics and photographs.
- Athletes: divided between Italians and foreigners and between men and women. You will find the personal best updated at the end of 2019 of the most important athletes of the season, their protractions over the years in the various distances, the medals won all in a captivating PDF card that can be collected by those with interest. The update that takes a long time is done once a year between November and mid-January of the following year.
- Race walking in the World: with reports from foreign collaborators who more or less periodically send us or are directly published. Knowing what is happening in other countries is for us a firm cultural point that we would like to see expanded in the future
- Various statistics
Who reads us
Seventy were the Countries from which some users read us, from Italy to Venezuela, Morocco, Burma
The next chart deserves to be looked at even if it stops at the top 19 countries



Through which channel
- Social: 39,634 sessions were generated through the social network (Facebook) (42.8%)
- Organic Search: 14,979 sessions were generated through search engines, in particular Google (30.7%)
- Direct: 14,853 sessions were general through direct access to the web-site (24.8%)
- Referrals: 1,981 sessions were created through links from other pages that led to Marcia dal Mondo (1.70%)
- Gender: 72.5% are men and 27.5% are women
- Average age: between 45-54 years (26.84%); between 35-44 years (19.82%), between 25-34 years (19.04%), between 55-64 years (16.75%), over 65 years (9.67%); between 18-24 years (7.36%).
The latter figure leaves us surprised. Frankly we hoped that the young levers of the march were more interested in the knowledge of the specialty.
We are all this in 2019 thanks to your contributions and your readings.
Happy 2020 from


Sandro Damilano and Nicola Maggio


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