13/01/2020   Pechao (POR) - The 6th Ana Cabecinha Trophy

Saturday was a day of celebration for the Club Oriental de Pechao Portugal's historic club in the Algarve.

Maybe the name will say little to someone, but for those who chew on their way around Europe, it is instead very easy to associate the Club Oriental de Pechao with Ana Cabecinha and Paulo Murta.
The strong and friendly Portuguese athlete never wanted to change her historical club, despite the fact that she had some interesting offers from others, with more sponsorship possibilities.
A way to be tied to your land, to your principles and values, and to make the young people of this club participate in what other young people had, in its time, made you participate.
On the route of Rua 25 Abril (the main artery of Pechao) then the Oriental Club organized the 12th walking Grand Prix of Pechao, combined with the 6th Ana Cabecinha trophy and the 2020 Regional Championship of the Algarve.
5km women
The two teammates Ana Cabecinha (POR) and Edna Barros (POR) delighted the local public with a shoulder to shoulder race for the whole 5km.
These are their partial:
- 1km: 4:34
- 2km: 9:04 (4:30 am)
- 3km: 13:26 (4:22)
- 4km: 17:54 (4:28)
- last km in 4:12
Upon arrival Ana Cabecinha prevails (but athletes arrive together) in 22:26, ​​and it seems to us also the most logical of arrivals.
Edna Barros with the same time of 22:26 has to settle for second place, but gets her own personal best (previous of 22:47 obtained in Guadix, ESP on 28.12.2019). There will be some other opportunities to beat the training partner.
Third place to Maria Bernardo (POR) in 25:50



5km men
The head to head between the two favorites, Pedro Dias (POR) and Tiago Ramos (POR) ends at 3km.
The two marched the first two km together with the following times:
- 1km: 4:34
- 2km: 9:04 (4:30 am)
At 3Km Pedro Dias passes in 13:26 (4:22) while Tiago Ramos in 13:34 (4:30)
At 4Km Pedro Dias passes in 17:54 (4:28) while Tiago Ramos in 18:10 (4:46)
Pedro Dias wins after a final run in 4:27 with the final result of 22:26.
Let's imagine the joy of the spectators in seeing the three bearers of the Oriental Club of Pechao accredited at the same time.
Second place in Tiago Ramos (POR) in 22:37
Third place in Guilherme Alves (POR) in 26:48



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