19/01/2020   Around Taihu 2020: LOC questions to athletes, coaches and managers

Dear friends,


We were contacted by the head of the organization of the next edition of "Around Taihu" who asked us for a collaboration on a specific topic.

Obviously, given the interest in the world of walking the classic end-of-season multi-days competition, we accepted.


In essence, individual athletes are asked to express themselves in the shortest possible time (from one week to 10 days) on the following possibility.

The LOC would have an interest in changing the date of the Wuzhong 2020 Multiday from the current end of September to the end of October or early November.


The request they make to athletes, coaches and agents is to express themselves in this regard.

In particular, athletes are asked if they would be interested in competing in that period.

Among other things, in the new period proposed the temperature is normally cooler which should favor both the elite race and also the associated mass event.


The opinions of athletes and coaches and managers are, as you well understand, of significant importance.

LOC hopes for a positive answer.


You can express yourself with an email to (info@marciadalmondo.com) or (maggio.nicola@alice.it), or answering with a comment to the survey that we also publish in Marcia dal Mondo Friends group on Facebook.


We hope to have the maximum answers as soon as possible to inform our friends of China.





Marcia dal Mondo

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