23/01/2020   Around Taihu 2020: LOC's decision

Dear friends,


within five days there has been a good number of answer from the international elite athletes who have already competed in Taihu in recent seasons and who would like to participate again this year.


Some of these are very articulated on the motivations in favor of the change of date or contrary to the same.

We must say that they have all been very interesting and we have all submitted them to the Local Organizing Committee.

We would like to thank all the athletes, coaches and managers for the co-operation also in particular  who answered on behalf of other athletes.


As sometimes happens, the result of the survey sees a division of those in favor/against to the change of date which stands at around 50%, but it was precisely the different weight of the motivations that made the choice of the Local Organizing Committee on the maintenance of Around Taihu at the end of September instead of moving later this year (end October/early November)

We have been informed by LOC that the potential date is 26-28 September 2020.


We are now hoping to meet in massive participation in Taihu to once again honor this beautiful end-of-season competition





Marcia dal Mondo

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